Knight Rider Movie: Hasselhoff vs. Studio Idiots

Says David:

"It's stupid. There's no film without a talking car.

"So we waited for two years and we won. The car will talk."

I love these stories... they validate the existence of this website. :twisted:

If this isn't a prime example of those running the studios not "getting it", I don't know what is. Anyone who watched the show knows that one of the main dynamics was the interaction between Hasselhoff's character and the car (K.I.T.T). To want to remove that from a movie of the same name is ludicrous.

I swear it's like these people are doing a bad parody of themselves... "Let's make a movie based on that Gilligan's Island TV show, except that we'll have it take place in downtown New York City and they'll be on the run from zombies."


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