'Arrested Development' Writer to Pen 'Knight Rider' Movie

'Knight Rider' Movie Gets a Writer

KITT will ride again. According to a new report, The Weinstein Company is moving forward on an adaptation of the hit 1980s TV show Knight Rider and has hired writer-director Brad Copeland to pen the project.

The show, which featured David Hasselhoff as agent Michael Knight and (more importantly) a bad-ass talking Pontiac Trans-Am named KITT, ran for four seasons from 1982 to 1986. It was also rebooted as a TV series in 2008, but only lasted one season.

The Los Angeles Times was the first to report the news, noting that the film is "being conceived as a somewhat higher-budget, more action-oriented movie than Weinstein's typical prestige fare." Copeland is best known for his work on Arrested Development and he also wrote the 2007 comedy Wild Hogs.

Given the success of the Fast & Furious franchise (which practically everyone loves), it makes sense to move forward on a film that's most significant feature is it's super awesome car. That being said, what made KITT cool in the 1980s isn't necessarily that innovative anymore.

K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider

In a world where you can ask your iPhone to not only find out movie times, but map out directions to the theater, the gimmick of a talking car just isn't that impressive. On the other hand, if the filmmakers were to take the movie in a different direction and made a fun action-comedy homage to Knight Rider, they could have a big hit on their hands.

Just consider the success of 21 Jump Street. That film took a dramatic concept - police officers going undercover as high school students - and turned it on its head by making a point about the absurdity of the premise. It's easy to imagine a Knight Rider film taking a similar approach. And, given his background as a TV comedy writer, perhaps that's the direction Copeland is planning.

In either case, David Hasselhoff will surely be pestering the studio for a role in the remake. And if he does, you can count on the movie doing huge business in Germany.


Stay tuned for more news on the Knight Rider movie as this story develops.


Source: Los Angeles Times

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