Watch The Knight Rider 2008 Season Premiere Online

Watch the full season premiere episode of Knight Rider online a full week before it airs on NBC - today.

NBC has releasing the episode on the web today, and you can watch the entire first episode of the new series right here:

NBC Knight Rider Episodes

If you didn't know, NBC dipped its toe in the water last Spring with a two hour movie that was an update of the well known 80s series starring David Hasselhoff. I was less than kind in my review of the TV movie. It was incredibly cheesy and while it wasn't as awful as I had anticipated based on the preview clips, it wasn't exactly great.

I'm hoping that history at least partially repeats itself (I'll explain in a moment). For now, check out a brief promo for Knight Rider 2008:

This does NOT look good to me, but then again the clips before the pilot premiered last season were far worse than that... and I'm hoping that the series is better than what you just saw above.

NBC has re-tooled the previous pilot completely, leaving only the barest framework and building fresh. We talked about the Knight Rider reboot last May.

Even if the new Knight Rider premiere episode is weak, I'm going to give it a few episodes to see if it gets better. I've learned my lesson with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which had a very weak pilot but went on to be a decent series.

In any case, check out the series premiere here and if you're on your lunch break watch the episode and let us know what you think. I'll be reviewing it later on. :-)

Knight Rider premieres on NBC next Wednesday, September 24th.

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