Knight Before Christmas Trailer Teases Netflix’s Time-Travel Holiday Movie

Netflix just released the full trailer for The Knight Before Christmas, a feel-good holiday romantic comedy starring Vanessa Hudgens and British actor Josh Whitehouse. The Netflix original movie appears to check all the major requirements for a Christmas tale, including a time-traveling knight, Christmas tree chopping, snowstorms, unforeseen romance, and a punny title.

Directed by Monika Mitchell, The Knight Before Christmas follows Brooke (Hudgens), a small-town science teacher who’s lost faith in love. Navigating the snow-covered streets of Ohio, Brooke happens upon medieval knight Sir Cole (Whitehouse), who's been dropped into present-day by a magical sorceress. Skeptical of Sir Cole’s claims of hailing from a different era, Brooke befriends the chivalrous knight and helps him conform to the modern world. Initially concerned by Cole's outlandish appearance, Brooke finds herself believing in love again after agreeing to assist Cole with his mysterious quest, just in time for the holidays. Tackling the holiday rom-com genre with ease, Hudgens won the hearts of Christmas audiences when she appeared in Netflix’s The Princess Switch. That film is slated for a Hudgens-led sequel, The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again.

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Now, it looks as though Hudgens is becoming a holiday staple for Netflix. The Knight Before Christmas is in the creative hands of producers Hudgens, Amanda Phillips Atkins, Eric Jarboe, Jimmy Townsend, and Lorenzo Nardini. Netflix’s latest holiday feature was brought to life with a script from Cara Russell. Netflix offers the first look at The Knight Before Christmas with a full trailer, poster, and photos. Check them out below:



The trailer begins with Brooke reciting in a voiceover, “We all grow up fantasizing about finding true love with a knight in shining armor and living happily ever after. But that’s all it is...fantasy.” The full trailer for The Knight Before Christmas is packed with heartwarming moments, clever one-liners, and plenty of hot cocoa. In addition to the High School Musical leading lady, the romantic comedy's cast also includes Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage), Harry Jarvis, Mimi Gianopulos, Jean-Michel Le Gal, and Ella Kenion.

Netflix’s commitment to producing original holiday content has proved successful so far. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to go all-in on cheesy dialogue, touching moments, and outrageous plots. Previous films such as A Christmas Prince and The Christmas Chronicles followed that familiar formula. If The Knight Before Christmas proves to be as successful as previous Netflix holiday originals, customers can expect to see more films in this vein in the years to come.

Tapping into all the ingredients of a successful Christmas film, and with Hudgens' considerable star power, there's no doubt that The Knight Before Christmas will be the perfect holiday treat for cheesy romantic comedy fans. With a time-traveling knight and a schoolteacher who no longer believes in love, the trailer promises a classic romantic comedy with a fantasy twist. The Knight Before Christmas premieres on Netflix on November 21, 2019.

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Source: Netflix

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