Netflix's Knight Before Christmas Credits Scene Sets Up A Sequel

Looks like the old crone's work isn't done. The Knight Before Christmas set up a sequel that could focus on Sir Geoffrey's knightly quest for love.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Knight Before Christmas.

Vanessa Hudgens may have been crowned the Queen of Halloween on Instagram, but the High School Musical star is on her way to ruling over Netflix this Christmas. The Knight Before Christmas is her second foray into the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe (NCCU), which will be followed by the upcoming sequel to last year's The Princess Switch. The Knight Before Christmas only just landed on Netflix, but its credits scene left the door open for more adventures to come.

The new Netflix Original saw Medieval English knight Sir Cole (played by Josh Whitehouse) encounter a freezing old crone in the woods. After offering to help her, she repays him by sending him on the quest of his dreams, which of course involves time-travelling to present-day Ohio. There, he meets heart-broken teacher Brooke, aka Christmas queen Vanessa Hudgens, who doesn't really believe in love. They engage in all sorts of knightly endeavors, including rescuing little girls from frozen lakes, chopping down Christmas trees and learning how to use Alexa.

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This, naturally, leads Sir Cole to learn that "love is the first and foremost of all knightly virtues" and inspires him to return to the future to be happy with Brooke, who's changed her mind, too. The movie ends with the couple reuniting on Christmas Day. Despite the happily ever after, there's plenty of material for a sequel. Will Sir Cole become a police office? Will Brooke host another Christmas Eve feast? Who bought Lily a puppy for Christmas? Instead, the credits scene sets up the newly knighted Sir Geoffrey (Sir Cole's brother, played by Harry Jarvis), as the old crone's next victim.

Sir Geoffrey Knight Before Christmas

It's a surprising move, considering how small Sir Geoffrey's role in The Knight Before Christmas is. At the beginning of the movie, it's established that Sir Geoffrey is to be made a knight on Christmas Day. He is seen jesting about with his brother and eagerly embarks on the annual Christmas hawking competition. He doesn't appear again until the end, when he supports his brother's decision to go back to his beloved. In the credits scene, the old crone approaches him after his knighting ceremony, holding her time-travelling necklace foreboddingly.

Although a sequel could see Sir Geoffrey follow in his brother's footsteps and fall in love in Ohio, it's likely Sir Cole and Brooke will feature too. Who knows, Sir Geoffrey might even find love with one of the chocolate-box town's residents. Brooke's flirty neighbour Allyson had a bit of a redemption arc in The Knight Before Christmas - could she be the one? It's too soon to tell, but chances are you'll see a lot more of Sir Geoffrey in the magic box that makes merry (that's the TV, for those who don't speak Sir Cole) next year.

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