New Trailers For 'Grown Ups' & 'Knight And Day'

We've got new trailers for two summer flicks that both hope to entertain audiences with their humor ("hope" being the key word here) -- the explosion-ridden action flick Knight and Day and the comedian pileup that is Grown Ups.

But don't take my less-than-enthralled word for it-- have a look yourselves. :)


Columbia Pictures has released a new trailer for their summer comedy Grown Ups, which will at long last provide the Adam Sandler/Kevin James/director Dennis Dugan reunion that moviegoers have been clamoring for since I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry came out back in 2007 ;) .

Along for the ride this time are fellow comedic talents Chris Rock, David Spade, and the (*cough*) ever-lovable Rob Schneider who (along with Sandler and James) play a group of former high school pals who catch up with one another over the 4th of July weekend in the wake of the death of their old basketball coach.

Sounds a bit somber, you say?  Well, check out the trailer for yourselves and see:

I for one am glad to see that Sandler and co. are expanding their comedic ranges to include excessive slapstick, pratfalls, and urine jokes, all of which will be threaded together by a saccharine plot about how growing older doesn't mean you can't still enjoy life.

Seriously though, Grown Ups will at best be a guilty pleasure - but, then again, it's not as though moviegoers go to a mainstream Adam Sandler movie expecting anything else. Right?


There's a new international trailer for the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz blockbuster vehicle Knight And Day and it offers, well, pretty much the same footage we've seen already.

Just have a look below:

So yeah -- the same bits with airplanes crashing, motorcycle chases around foreign cities, while Tom Cruise spouts what is meant to be clever banter in pretty much the same manner he delivers dramatic dialogue.

That isn't to say that Knight and Day doesn't have the potential to be the kind of entertaining, action/set piece-driven show that, say, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was - but I have my doubts.

Both Knight and Day and Grown Ups will be out in theaters on June 25, 2010.

Source: Coming Soon, Youtube

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