Funny New 'Knight And Day' Stunt Clip

knight and day tom cruise cameron diaz behind the scenes stunts

The Tom Cruise / Cameron Diaz action comedy Killers Knight and Day hits theaters next month, so the film's two A-list headliners are now out there shining their combined star power bright in order to promote the film.

But instead of another trailer or set of images for Knight and Day, today we have a funny little behind-the-scenes video featuring Cruise and Diaz practicing a little stunt work.

Now, Cameron Diaz is well-known for being one of the more beautiful actresses walking the Earth today - but what about her martial arts skills? We saw her lay some smackdown in the Charlies Angels movies, but the last one of those came out seven years ago! So does Cameron still have what takes for some serious Kung Fu fighting?

Never one to shy away from action, Tom Cruise steps in to help get his leading lady ready for some carefully coordinated ass-kicking. However, there's a reason why stars often leave the fight choreography to the professionals. Take a look and see what I mean:

Ok, ok, so clearly this video is staged, but regardless, I thought it was a nice way to put a little smile on people's faces, as we are inevitably charmed by this powerhouse combo of stars. Tom Cruise's comedic hijinks have been a career move in the right direction as of late (see: Tropic Thunder), and while I personally think Diaz often borders on annoying, seeing her kick Cruise in the chest makes her A-OK in my book.

What did you guys think? Did that video put a smile on your face or are you staunchly oppossed to praising Cruise and/or Diaz under any circumstances?

Judging by the chemistry between the stars, I'm ready for some popcorn fun when Knight and Day hits theaters on June 25th. Will you be in attendance?

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