Kit Harington Goes From Game of Thrones to Gunpowder

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones finale

Gunpowder has released our first official look at Kit Harrington's upcoming role as Robert Catesby in the period drama. While many people know the actor as one of the lead characters in HBO's massively popular fantastical drama Game of Thrones as Jon Snow, Harrington is slowly channeling himself into other properties, broadening his acting resume with a part in the new drama. Most especially now that the series based on George RR Martin's novels only has one season left on the airwaves expected to roll out sometime next year.

Set to air on BBC One, Gunpowder is a historical thriller that relates to the narrative of the well-known Gunpowder Plot, which is a 17th-century conspiracy plot to blow up the British House of Lords in an effort to assassinate King James I. The event still holds a special place in British history which is why up until now, it is commemorated every November 5 in Britain as Guy Fawkes Day - named after one of its main conspirators.

In the show, Harrington plays Robert Catesby, a Warwickshire gentleman who was the main proponent of the scheme. Variety has our very first look at the character with the actor sporting a period-appropriate set of garb with a muddied face. The promo still reveal (see it below) was in conjunction with the release of the first teaser for Gunpowder, featuring the 30-year-old actor narrating the current situation and sharing his master plan for the assassination. Both marketing materials were released Monday, August 28, interestingly, just hours after Game of Thrones season aired its finale.

Alongside the Game of Thrones regular are some pretty amazing cast members including Liv Tyler, who takes on the role of Anne Vaux -- Catesby’s cousin, and someone who just gets inadvertently caught up in the whole dangerous scenario. Meanwhile, Downton Abbey alum Tom Cullen, plays Guy Fawkes. Other notable actors from the cast sheet include Peter Mullan, Edward Holcroft, Shaun Dooley, Robert Emms, Derek Riddell, as well as, Sherlock's and Doctor Who's Mark Gatiss.

Gunpowder, however, still does not have a specific air date. But it will be a three-episode limited series that is penciled in for a Saturday Primetime slot set to roll out sometime in the fall on BBC One. On top of Harrington starring on the period political piece, the British actor will also serve as one of the show's executive producers together with Ollie Madden, Daniel West, Stephen Wright. Further, his very own budding production company, Thriker Films, is in collaboration with Kudos for the series.

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We'll keep you updated on Gunpowder as more information becomes available.

Source: Variety

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