'Game of Thrones' Kit Harington On Why Being Called A 'Hunk' Is Ridiculous

Game of Thrones Season 5 Kit Harington as Jon Snow

Blame it on Jon Snow, but people seem to think Kit Harington carries the same massive chip on his shoulder as his ever-brooding Game of Thrones character does.

Harington recently made headlines for daring to say he'd rather not be called a "hunk," confessing to Page Six, "To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning."

Rejecting the role so many fans had gleefully forced on Harington earned the English star scads of scorn. But it's not so much that this handsome leading man refuses to be your crush. He just doesn't want to be reduced solely to his good looks. And with acting chops like those shown in his latest Testament of Youth as well as Game of Thrones, who could blame him?

When I sat down with Harington to discuss Testament of Youth, it was instantly obvious that he doesn't share the gloomy demeanor of his most popular character to date, Jon Snow. He often chuckled as we talked, casually dropped curse words (which is something I always appreciate), and shared the feminist reason that word bothers him so much.

Testament of Youth - Kit Harington
Kit Harington as Roland Leighton in Testament of Youth

We'll be posting the full interview later this week. But for now, check out what Harington has to say about that hunk remark and what it has to do with playing Testament of Youth's romantic male lead.

You've expressed frustration about being pigeonholed as a "hunk." Was that a concern in Testament of Youth, taking on a role where Roland is such a dream-boy for Vera (Alicia Vikander)?

Kit Harington: No. No. It's never a concern. I dislike the word "hunk." I've been asked about it a lot. It came up at a kind of HFPA conference. Someone said, "Do you like being referred to as a hunk?" And I went, "No, I don't like being referred to as a hunk." It's a fucking ridiculous thing to be referred to as. It's like calling a girl a "babe." It's frankly offensive.

But I never saw Roland as a hunk. I saw him as a very romantic young man who is just really interesting to play.

Well, I'm glad for that. But I mean, he is pretty dreamy.

Kit Harington: He's pretty dreamy. I like that. Roland is pretty dreamy as well.

Just don't call him a hunk.

Testament of Youth opens Friday.

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