Captain Kirk Has The Force In Star Wars/Star Trek Fan Trailer

A new fan trailer has forged a unique crossover between the two foremost juggernauts of science-fiction, Star Wars and Kirk from Star Trek. Traditionally, the two hugely popular franchises have shared a heated rivalry that has ensured any hope for an official crossover between Wars and Trek remains distinctly remote. Although Star Wars may be the more lucrative and renowned of the two at present, both fandoms have had their ups and downs, with Star Wars seeing a huge boost in the wake of a new J. J. Abrams-fronted movie trilogy and Star Trek dominating on television for over fifty years, as well as on the big screen thanks to classics like The Wrath of Khan and... a modern J. J. Abrams-fronted movie reboot.

An official Star Wars and Star Trek crossover may be the stuff of intergalactic dreams but thanks to advances in video editing technology and worldwide sharing platforms such as YouTube, fans can craft their own high-quality fantasy trailers. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi currently in theaters and Star Trek: Discovery seeing success on the small screen, there have been several of these mash-ups uploaded in recent months (including Trek Wars, which saw the Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon take on the Death Star).

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The latest attempt comes from science-fiction fan and YouTube user stryder HD and features Captain Kirk as the latest hero "chosen" by The Force. Naturally, Darth Vader pursues the famous Gorn-beater across the galaxy in order to turn him towards the Dark Side and is met with a hail of phasers and photo torpedoes as the Enterprise fights back. The trailer utilizes most of its Star Trek footage from the first few movies of the late 1970s and early '80s, while the Star Wars contingent is mined largely from the older episodes (IV-VI) with a few modern shots thrown in for good measure.

Darth Vader and Darth Sidious in Star Wars

Although fan trailers can often vary greatly in terms of quality, this effort from stryder HD is most impressive. Slick editing ensures that the switches between Star Trek and Star Wars feel as natural as possible - a feat aided by intelligent use of music and VFX. The concept of James T. Kirk being the Chosen One of the Jedi may be bad news for the women of the galaxy but the theme is executed with style here, as Spock and McCoy's dialogue melds perfectly into this new scenario. However, the biggest "geek out" moment by far is surely Alec Guinness' Obi-Wan Kenobi appearing to the crew of the Enterprise as a Force Ghost to warn them of their impending peril.

Having a rivalry between two fandoms can certainly be fun (especially for onlookers at conventions), but crossover trailers such as this serve as a reminder that both Star Wars and Star Trek should both be celebrated as huge pieces of science-fiction history that are still going strong today. Watching this trailer however, it's hard not to get the impression that if these two universes were to collide one day, the results would be spectacular.

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Star Trek: Discovery continues January 14th on CBS All Access and Netflix internationally.

Source: stryder HD

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