New Co-op Kirby Game Coming to Switch in 2018

Several games starring Nintendo's flagship characters have already been announced at E3 2017, and now added to the list is Kirby for the Nintendo Switch, which was announced alongside Yoshi. Nintendo released a brief gameplay trailer that shows the new game to be a side-scrolling co-op adventure with all the traditional features of a Kirby game.

In what would be Kirby's first title for the Switch, the game appears to support 4-player co-op. In the video, we see Kirby throwing hearts at his enemies, changing them into allies, who we assume can be controlled either by the CPU or other players. Kirby can use his new allies to his advantage by gathering together to create a rolling ball. They can also assist him in solving puzzles or in battle.

In addition to this new ability, Kirby can still do all of the things he's known for in past games. The titular character can still inhale enemies to absorb their abilities, allowing him to use a variety of powers to advance through levels. Kirby is also shown to control fire, water, and air. The side-scrolling adventure game has Kirby using a host of unique items to help him with each level. Kirby can sword-fight, hold an umbrella, transform into a stone block, throw bombs, and sweep with a broom. Many of these copied abilities were used in other Kirby titles.

From the looks of the new game, it appears that Nintendo has decided to take Kirby back to his roots. Previous titles have experimented with the format of a Kirby game by giving it a different art style, 3D graphics, and other novelties. However, this trailer indicates the game will be reminiscent of much older Kirby titles, such as the classic Super Nintendo game, Kirby Super Star from 1996.

Though Kirby is the first game in the series to release on the Switch, fans of the pink puffball have three other Kirby games to look forward to in 2017: Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, Kirby's Blowout Blast, and an untitled multiplayer fighting game. All three will be for the 3DS and are set to coincide with Kirby's 25th Anniversary. The last Kirby game to release on a major console was Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for the Wii U in 2015.

Kirby will likely receive an official title in the coming months. No date is set, though the game is expected to release sometime in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo

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