Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts Trailer Teases New Netflix Animated Series

DreamWorks releases the Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts trailer teasing a new Netflix series starring Karen Fukuhara as the title character.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

DreamWorks TV releases the Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts trailer, teasing a new Netflix series. The first look teaser was unveiled at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Karen Fukuhara voices the title character. 

In Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts, the titular protagonist navigates a post-apocalyptic Earth. But there’s a twist, as Kipo has lived her entire life underground. In this fascinating new world, everything looks appealing, but Kipo and her fellow survivors must keep an eye on potential threats. Radford Sechrist created Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts and will and executive produce. Previously, he worked as a story artist on How to Train Your Dragon 2, Penguins of Madagascar, and The LEGO Ninjago Movie. The DreamWorks series will be developed for Netflix by Bill Wolkoff, who previously wrote for TRON: Uprising, Star Wars Rebels, and ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

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Today, DreamWorks TV premiered a fantastical first trailer for Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts. The 59-second clip begins with Kipo strumming a guitar and musing about the strange new world she inhabits. In the primarily green-themed setting, Kipo sits before colorful plants with four guitars hanging on the wall. Outside, a city skyline shows both wreckage and the growing of monstrous trees that penetrate numerous buildings. Meanwhile, large and beautiful flowers loom over the young girl, who appears lost yet intrigued by the world around her. By the time Kipo sings “it’s dangerous just like I feared,” the trailer transitions to a purple-ish waterfall that’s both slightly menacing yet lovely. This all builds to the trailer’s surprise ending, as a giant bird plunges through the window and chases after young Kipo. The clip ends with pink titling over a black background. Check out the Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts trailer below. 

In 2016, Fukuhara made her feature film debut as Katana in Suicide Squad. Since then, she’s appeared as a series regular on fellow DreamWorks TV production, the animated Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, portraying Glimmer in a voice role. Fukuhara also has a recurring voice role as Sewer Queen, Alexis on Cartoon Network’s Craig of the Creek. This summer, she’ll appear as a series regular on Amazon’s new superhero series The Boys, the latest project from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. 

For Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts, the new trailer immediately focuses on Fukuhara’s enchanting singing voice. While the animation itself will appeal to certain Netflix subscribers, Fukuhara’s vocal talent seems to be a strong selling point, whether it’s through songs or through the actress’ ability to convey Kipo’s various emotions while exploring the colorful post-apocalyptic setting.

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Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts is scheduled for a 2020 release on Netflix.

Source: DreamWorks TV

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