Breaking Down The New Kingsman Shared Universe

A Statesman Spinoff Movie

Despite Elton John drop-kicking some cronies, it was Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry and Channing Tatum as the Statesman, the American-equivalent to the Kingsman, who absolutely stole the show of Kingsman 2. Playing on every classic American stereotype they could manage, the Statesman are a group of rootin'-tootin' special agents who, like their British counterparts, work without oversight but are on call if an emergency should arise.

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Talk of a Statesman spin-off began more or less as soon as Kingsman: The Golden Circle opened; Vaughn expressed interest should the sequel prove successful enough, which it did. A weird, subversive action-comedy that takes aim at the FBI and American military and so forth is fun as is, but really the hook here is that they have Bridges, Berry and Tatum already in for the roles. The three Hollywood A-listers had smaller-than-expected roles in the movie, but offered a lot of promise, especially Bridges and Tatum who went all in on the southern drawl and comical do-they-actually-think-they're-cowboys mannerisms.

Berry, Bridges and Tatum is a dream team of co-stars to have lined up for a movie like this. They're likable, trusted and their involvement is an easy way to entice skeptical fans. That said, it would make sense for Marv Studios to take a similar route Kingsman and cast a newer, younger talent as the central star while the rest operate as support. Signing another Taron Egerton just makes sense from a franchising perspective, roping in someone fresh for a long-term multi-picture deal while the bigger stars operate on a looser schedule that doesn't cost half the production budget.

A Kingsman TV Show

Finally, there's the Kingsman TV show. The only thing known about the small-screen series is its length, at eight hours. This suggests a very modern approach to storytelling; FX's Legion and Netflix's The OA and Dark have used eight-episode seasons, and others such as Westworld, Narcos and Lost in Space have used 10. The shorter length suggests that the plan is for a more prestige-oriented production that tells a compelling and dramatic story within a limited time-frame - something which makes sense for everything to intersect in a shared universe.

No distribution has been suggested for the TV show, and that's going to be a little interesting going forward as Kingsman is owned by 20th Century Fox, who's currently set to be bought by Disney. The easy answer is Netflix, where Kingsman comic creator Mark Millar has already started his own studio. An announcement with a set amount of hours at the very least means a plan is in place for the story, and makes the package a clearer sell.

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Key Release Dates
  • Kingsman 3 release date: Nov 08, 2019
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