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The Kingsman franchise is a getting a Marvel-esque expansion into its own cinematic universe. On the back of opening his own studio, Marv Studios, Kingsman-director Matthew Vaughn has a proper slate of plans for the R-rated world of espionage and intrigue. Marv, which is described as "the modern version of what a studio can be", will be the primary production body behind the different projects - including a Kick-Ass reboot - allowing Vaughn fuller creative control as well as making overlap between the planned movie and TV works much easier to coordinate.

Though undoubtedly more known for his directorial exploits, especially since stepping into the superhero realm with Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class and later Kingsman, Vaughn actually began as a producer. Making a mark early on with the British crime classics Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, the English filmmaker has an impressive list of producer credits, including every one of his outings in the director's chair.

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The biggest part of his new Marv Studios is The Secret Service, with a host of different Kingsman stories across movies and TV set to be told. Here's everything that's coming, what we know about the projects, and what stories you can expect from Eggsy and company.

Kingsman 3: The End Of The Eggsy Trilogy

As teased by Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a third chapter capping off the relationship between Eggsy and Harry Hart is in the works, as is a prequel set in the early 1900s titled Kingsman: The Great Game. As of now, the intention is for these to film back-to-back, likely signifying a release within a year of each other.

Vaughn has been tight-lipped on story details for Kingsman 3, which is currently the end of Eggsy's arc, but he's been keen to repeat that he has something big and unexpected planned for the threequel. Something big and unexpected is really par the course for a franchise whose second installment began by literally blowing up its status quo and building outward from there. While Kingsman: The Secret Service provided the tonality to go wherever – controversially so based on the infamous sex joke at the end – Kingsman: The Golden Circle made it explicit that anything can happen, including bringing people back from the dead, as evidenced by the return of Colin Firth's Harry Hart. Predictions, then, on where Eggsy's story might go as he and Hart work to rebuild the Kingsman are difficult to make.

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Kingsman: The Great Game - An Origins Prequel

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The prequel, Kingsman: The Great Game, is likely to be the story of the founding of the organization and its first great catastrophe, seeing as the Kingsman were founded by rich British aristocrats after World War I. It's an interesting era for the series to tackle, with the political backdrop one of the most complicated and uneasy in recent of world history. Coming out of the Great War, Europe's national lines were being re-drawn and a fledgling United Nations, then called the League of Nations, was working to cultivate international peace, efforts that failed with widespread economic struggles and the rise of nationalist groups eventually breeding World War II. A private, high-class set of secret agents navigating these troubled waters and, in the process, developing their sense of duty and moral fiber is a strong thematic backbone. Examining class in England is a large part of the Kingsman series to begin with, and seeing that examination brought back a hundred years or so could be very interesting.

Going that far back grants a lot of narrative freedom and the chance to get even more visually striking, something Vaughn is fond of. He's already made a period piece, after all, in 2011's X-Men: First Class, whose transposition of the very contemporary franchise back several decades was so enjoyed it's commonly seen as the best X-movie.

Very little is known about the early Kingsmen from the films. They were diplomatic, ruthless and operated with autonomy, with an enormous sense of pride in the crown. They're a group intended as a satire of MI6 as depicted in the Bond films, so in effect, they're the same thing, but with a bit more stereotypical British-ness in execution. There's very little direct reference to much earlier days of the institution beside the whiskey bottle Doomsday Protocol from The Golden Circle signposting the introduction of the Statesman, so the canon is wide open on either end.

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