'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Star Shares His Hopes For a Sequel

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It seems these days that no matter how beloved an existing franchise may be, there is always - always - the risk that even the grandest plans for a film series can fall apart with just one underwhelming box office release. Yet a march of sequels, prequels, and reboots are still preferable to the work required to actually launch a big-budget property on film. Because films like Kingsman: The Secret Service are few and far between.

The film from Matthew Vaughn - based on the comic by Mark Millar - used an unlikely, independent spirit to bring a classic super spy thriller to commercial and critical success. And when Kingsman crossed the $400 million box office line, word arrived that a sequel had been set in motion by Fox. The film may still be years away, but star Taron Egerton knows what he would like to see from a follow-up.

To say that the first film ended on a high note would be an understatement: having faced impossible odds, star Eggsy Unwin teamed with his surrounding Kingsmen agents to bring down a world-class supervillain. Matthew Vaughn confirmed that the story was building to that very climax, saying that he saw the film as a prequel to "the Eggsy Movie," having handed the reins to the smartass - but undeniably skilled - spy. A "new breed," if you will.

We had the opportunity not long ago to hear Egerton's thoughts on Kingsman now that it sat clearly in his rearview mirror, asking him what his own hopes for the possible film franchise would be. Although Vaughn has plans for another Eggsy story (and a plan to bring Colin Firth back, despite... difficulties), Egerton had yet to hear of them - a sign that any sequel will still be a ways off:

I mean he hasn’t said as much to me [Laughs]. He is famously changeable, so I don’t know. A big part of Matthew’s currency as a director is that he defies expectations, so don’t take anything for granted. I know of those rumors because I get alerts from my publicists and things, but I haven’t been told anything directly. Until I have, it’s probably not wise of me to be presumptuous or comment too much. I would love to revisit the character though.

I think certainly he’s one of the last men standing, isn’t he? So if there's the intention of a sequel, I’m hoping that Eggsy would be at the forefront and be able to carry the story. But it is, in many respects, an ensemble thing. Just because some of the characters don’t make it to the finish line doesn’t mean that others don’t. I think if there was another one, then I would think you would expect to see, hopefully I would imagine the likes of Mark Strong and Sophie Cookson returning. And I’m sure there would be some new characters introduced. So I don’t think we’re ever just going to see a Wolverine-style Eggsy solo mission, you know? But I hope he’s a character that people can go through on a journey with, yeah.

Mark is an incredible actor and a really great guy to work with. Personally, I’m not involved in the writing or... the inception or any of that, with these ideas. But I think it would be lovely to see more of Merlin and Eggsy. I think you see a bit of Merlin sort of getting his hands dirty and getting involved in a bit of action. I think it would be glorious to see some more of that if there is a sequel. As I say, that’s for Matthew Vaughn to figure out, not me.

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Those who saw Kingsman in theaters will have little doubt that Egerton is capable of taking charge of the story, delivering one of the more surprising lead arcs in recent memory. Even so, he's right to point out that one of the film's greatest strengths is its ensemble cast: Mark Strong, the brilliant 'Merlin' who was shown willing to get his hands dirty. Sophie Cookson, the agent who passed the Kingsman's recruitment process ahead of Eggsy. And, of course, the unshakeable Harry Hart (Firth). Although Egerton may not know what plan Vaughn has for his character's future, having so many well-developed characters to lean on can only help a sequel's chances.

With Kingsman arriving on home video soon, it's possible that more confirmed details will be arriving soon, should the rumors of a sequel being greenlit prove true. What do you think of Taron Egerton's staying power as the star of the Kingsman franchise? Does he have what it takes to become a household name as Eggsy (or perhaps... Wolverine)? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned for the rest of our full interview.


Kingsman: The Secret Service will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting June 9, 2015.

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