Funko Unveils Kingsman: The Secret Service Pop! Figures

Funko reveals a new line of Pop Vinyl figures featuring the characters from Kingsman: The Secret Service, ahead of this year's sequel. The first film was the surprise smash hit of 2014, bringing a fresh new take on the classic spy movie to the big screen. Helmed by Matthew Vaughn, the film is based on the comic of the same name, and follows young ne'er do well Eggsy (Taron Egerton) as he is trained up to become one of the uber-posh secret agents known as Kingsmen. With memorable characters and some absolutely incredible action sequences, Kingsman was a huge hit, and it surprised no-one when a sequel was announced.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters this September, bringing back the stars of the original - including Colin Firth, which was certainly a surprise given his character Harry's brutal murder in the first movie. The film will also introduce some new faces, including Channing Tatum as Agent Tequila, a Stateside version of a Kingsman agent. One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, Kingsman: The Golden Circle looks like it's going to be another fun ride - and now Funko is getting on board with the franchise to make some collectible figures.

Funko will be releasing a series of Kingsman Pop Vinyl figures later this year, announced on their blog earlier today. The figures are inspired by the original movie, rather than the sequel, and will be released this September, ahead of the new film this fall. Four figures were announced: Harry, wearing a suit and holding his weaponized umbrella; Eggsy, along with his little pug dog; the villainous Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) holding a gun; and his right-hand henchwoman Gazelle (Sofia Boutella).

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The pops are based on earlier scenes from the original movie, especially Eggsy, who is pictured in his street clothes rather than his Kingsman training suit or his later suit and glasses. The inclusion of his pug is a great touch, as this little puppy was a scene-stealer in the original film. Gazelle's figure is also particularly interesting, as it uses a clear stand to place her in an action stance that shows off her deadly feet-blades.

It's not clear whether these will be the only Kingsman Pop Vinyl figures that Funko releases, or whether more are planned. Fans may be disappointed that the female Kingsman agent, Roxy (Sophie Cookson), is not being given her own figure, and hope that she will be added to the collection at a later date. Should The Golden Circle be as big a success as its predecessor, it's likely that some of the characters from this film are also given the Funko treatment - especially Agent Tequila, and the new Harry with his eye patch.

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