Kingsman Prequel Filming BEFORE Kingsman 3, New Details Revealed

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Details on the future of the Kingsman franchise add further clarity on the plans for Kingsman 3 and Kingsman: The Great Game. Matthew Vaughn previously revealed his ambitious plans for this universe based on the Mark Millar comic series. But, the uncertainty about how it will all play out has become more clear.

The first two Kingsman films received similar box office results, but very different critical reception. Kingsman: The Secret Service was was a hit with critics, while Kingsman: The Golden Circle had more mixed reviews. This hasn't slowed down plans for the future of the franchise, though, with Vaughn working on several future projects based in this world. The two most immediate ones are the conclusion of the Kingsman trilogy and a prequel film. Previous reports pointed to Vaughn filming these back-to-back, but it appears the order in which they'll film has changed. After it was previously reported Kingsman 3 would film first and introduce characters for the prequel in flashbacks, the schedule has switched.

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A new report from Collider states the officially untitled prequel (reportedly called Kingsman: The Great Game) will film first and begin in January. It is described to them as being a "period drama" instead of the spy-thriller genre the first two films fell under. Details on the actual plot of the prequel are slim, other than it will be "showing a history of the world through the eyes of Kingsman." As for the third movie, it will likely begin filming next summer after Vaughn takes a quick break from wrapping production on the prequel. He reportedly envisions the film as the conclusion of the relationship between Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry Hart (Colin Firth). However that may be, Kingsman 3 is believed to end in a way that allows for both characters to come back in future projects.

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These details help make sense of some previous confusion that Kingsman fans had. Egerton previously caused many to worry about the future of the franchise when it was reported he would not be in the next Kingsman film. Since it was previously reported that Kingsman 3 would film first, this alarmed plenty of fans. Instead, he will not be in the next Kingsman movie because his character won't even be alive when it takes place.

With The Great Game now confirmed to be filming first, it is all but confirmed to be the untitled Kingsman movie hitting theaters in 2019. There's no official details on the prequel so far, but prior reports pointed to Harris Dickinson and Ralph Fiennes starring, while other rumors pointed to Brad Pitt and Rachel Weisz as possible additions. All of these details should be officially confirmed or debunked before too long.

Of course, Vaughn's grand plans for the Kingsman franchise could be in jeopardy depending on how Disney and Fox view the IP in a post-acquisition world. The prequel will already be in motion by the time the deal concludes and it appears enough development has been committed to Kingsman 3 to possibly guarantee its release too. As for the TV series and other spinoffs, their futures could depend on the performance of Kingsman 3 and Kingsman: The Great Game.

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Source: Collider

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