Matthew Vaughn Would Let Someone Else Direct A Kingsman Film (Eventually)

Matthew Vaughn and Kingsman

Matthew Vaughn has revealed that he'd be open to letting someone replace him as director on a future Kingsman film. Vaughn is currently working on the first Kingsman spinoff, originally though to be titled Kingsman: The Great Game, which is a prequel set during the First World War.

Based on the comic book series by Mark Millar, the Kingsman franchise is still going strong. After Kingsman: The Secret Service was adapted to the big screen in 2014, the film made a star out of Taron Egerton and warranted everything from sequels and spinoffs to an upcoming TV series and an animated crossover with the FX series Archer. At the helm has been Matthew Vaughn, who wrote and directed the first two Kingsman films, as well as the upcoming prequel. Now, as embedded into the Kingsman franchise has he might be, Vaughn isn't entirely opposed to someone taking his place as director on a future Kingsman film, even if doing so wouldn't exactly be an easy decision.

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Screen Rant recently spoke with Vaughn about his involvement with the Kingsman franchise, and he explained that passing the directing torch to someone else is a possibility. Still, he admitted that he would have to remain creatively involved in some capacity. He said:

k"If the right person and the right subject matter and the right script and the right circumstances [came along], yes, I would. It would be hard, it would be very hard, but I would. I’d hand one rein over, probably, not two."

As of now, the Kingsman franchise isn't showing signs of slowing down, so having someone take over for Vaughn would be less a result of needing creative rejuvenation in future films than it would be helping carry the weight. While Vaughn is busy working on the Kingsman prequel, there is still the upcoming direct sequel to Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the planned spinoff Statesman, which revolves around the American equivalent to the UK's Kingsman organization.

Though the Kingsman franchise would be nowhere without Mark Millar, Vaughn is to thank for turning it into such a juggernaut and mainstream success. As for his future in the franchise, though, nothing's certain; and it's very possible that Vaughn may one day leave Kingsman behind altogether. That said, seeing as Vaughn is no stranger to adapting Millar's comics, having adapted Kick-Ass back in 2010, it's always possible that Vaughn might collaborate with Millar yet again on another project somewhere down the road. However, until that's ever even considered, there's still plenty of Kingsman material to keep fans entertained for quite a while.

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