Kingsman: The Golden Circle Red Band Trailer #2 is Very American

Kingsman 2 SDCC Lineup Revealed

The new red band trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle has arrived, giving us our best look yet at the plot and action of the highly-anticipated sequel. When Kingsman: The Secret Service first arrived, it was met with little fanfare from those who hadn't read the Kingsman comics. It quickly became a sleeper hit, however, winning over moviegoers with its raunchy and action-packed send-up of spy movies. With the upcoming sequel The Golden Circle, the level of excitement has been much higher. And though the first Golden Circle trailer laid out the basic plot and teased some of the action, fans have been hoping to see a lot more ahead of the sequel's release.

While we've awaited the new trailer, more and more about The Golden Circle has been revealed. This week brought new posters featuring The Golden Circle's characters, highlighting the fashion that will be on display in the movie in the process. We've also learned a lot more about Julianne Moore's Stepford-Wives-style villain, including her bizarre plan to take America back to the '50s. Now, we finally have a chance to see new characters played by Moore, Halle Berry, and Channing Tatum in action alongside returning heroes like Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry (Colin Firth).

20th Century Fox has released the new red band trailer for The Golden Circle online (see the video above), ahead of the film's San Diego Comic-Con panel. And while much of what's in it has been teased before, we now have a better idea of how things will play out when Eggsy comes to America.

Kingsman 2 SDCC Lineup Revealed

Given that the first trailer was more of a teaser, this latest look at the film expands a lot of the action sequences we saw a few months back. Moore's villain Poppy is highlighted a bit more, though her plan to build an American suburb in the jungle is only hinted at during a couple of fight scenes. It also appears she's responsible for the destruction of the Kingsman's headquarters.

We also get to see that Ginger (Halle Berry) will serve as the Q-like tech genius for the Statesman, and she appears to have some wild ideas. Though some of the weapons were teased before, the trailer puts the spotlight on Eggsy's suitcase machine gun/rocket launcher and shows Agent Whiskey's (Pedro Pascal) laser whip. Given the Americanized approach the sequel is taking, the addition of a bullwhip/lasso is a chance for some clever visual work and fight choreography. But while Whiskey is fine throwing rednecks around a bar with his regular whip, we later see an energized version cut someone in half!

For the most part, this trailer only hints at the larger story of The Golden Circle. Thanks to some insight into Poppy that we received last week, we can assume those drones flying over New York are how she smuggles opiates into the country - creating the eponymous Golden Circle. Likely, a bigger mystery will be revealed once the film actually comes out. For now, the new red band trailer offers plenty to get excited about, ahead of Kingsman: The Golden Circle's release this fall.

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