Kingsman 3: What The Director and Cast Want in the Sequel [EXCLUSIVE]

We talked with Matthew Vaughn, Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and more about what you can expect from Kingsman 3.

Colin Firth Taron Egerton and Halle Berry in Kingsman 2

Warning: Spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


What does the cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle want to happen in Kingsman 3? We talked with the key stars about where the British tailors - and American counterpart Statesman - could go next.

Kingsman 2 follows up the 2015 breakout hit The Secret Service with a story that is at once reverential to the pre-established tropes but also tries to up the ante, both in terms of the controversy it can court and the scale of the world. The secret cabal of intelligence agencies is evidently a worldwide enterprise, and so there's surely more for Eggsy, Harry and co. than just a vibrant duology.

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Screen Rant got a chance to sit down with director Matthew Vaughn and the cast of Kingsman 2 and put this to them: what do they have planned - or want to see - in Kingsman 3? Here are their (cryptic) answers.

Matthew Vaughn Says The Ending of Kingsman 2 is All Setup From Part 3

Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn is the mastermind behind Kingsman, delivering a unique cinematic take on Mark Millar's comic and, with the sequel, stepping even further away, introducing a trans-Atlantic partnership not seen in the graphic novels - so you can expect whatever comes next to go in another unexpected direction.

While he was very tight-lipped about where he expects to take the series, he did tell us he had a basic idea mapped out to the point it's established in The Golden Circle:

"We have a big plan for number 3. If you look at the ending of number 2, every single character is on the cusp of a new adventure which is set up - I hope, everyone's thinking a question mark for what's going to happen to these guys next."

We've already known that Vaughn is always thinking ahead, and the director has further said he has in mind a series of spin-offs and ancillary adventures. This goes even further, revealing that the basic arcs for Kingsman 3 aren't just known now, but were during production and are directly seeded in the film.

We'll discuss specific characters as we go, but broadly this means the post-Poppy ending is more than just wrap-up: Kingsman and Statesman becoming brothers, Ginger becoming the new Whiskey, Eggsy's wedding and Tequila all suited up is the road-map for the future.

Taron Egerton Doesn't Want Eggsy To Be Overshadowed

Taron Egerton Kingsman 2

The first Kingsman obviously followed Colin Firth and had supporting turns from Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson, but The Golden Circle really ups the ante with Oscar-winners Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry joining the cast along with stars in their own right Channing Tatum and Pedro Pascal. But still at the core of it is Taron Egerton's chav-done-good Eggsy. The prestige of his support hasn't gone unnoticed by the Welshman, whose main hopes for the future center on his character remaining the focus:

Taron Egerton: "I think I would like to see... I think we've got a lot of characters now and I love them all but I would be heartbroken if it wasn't me saving the world in the third one. I think I've earned that. I think I'd like to see me save the day."

Screen Rant: "You don't want it to be an ensemble?"

TE: "I do. I think everyone should be included but I think it's Eggsy's... I'm being very narcissistic. I'm clearly very threatened by these A-listers. I'd like to be the guy who pushes the button when it most matters - or stop someone pushing the button as it were. And also I guess I'd like to see him put in a really difficult situation in the third one - really alienated."

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In The Secret Service, Eggsy was the lone guy on the ground stopping Jackson, but in The Golden Circle he was working against Moore with pivotal help from Firth, Mark Strong and more. He's still very much the protagonist but obviously is part of a bigger picture. From his comments, the actor clearly wants to keep the emotional core there, and - thankfully for him - given spinoffs exploring specific characters and Statesman are mooted that would seem to be the plan.

It seems to be born of a desire to focus on story - to push the character and make him mature - although who could blame the breakout star a hint of possessiveness of his franchise?

Halle Berry Wants Her Whiskey to be "Jynx 2.0"

Halle Berry in Kingsman The Golden Circle

We also sat down with two generations of Whiskey - Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal - to chat their two very different Statesman agents. While the latter is unlikely to make a return, we did discuss Jack Daniels' rather grizzly death (coming soon), and Berry teased where she sees her new Whiskey going in future:

Halle Berry: "I would definitely come back."

Pedro Pascal: "I want to see Ginger throw some knives. She's been talking about her weapon of choice..."

HB: "It would be knives."

Screen Rant: "So full-on Jinx?"

HB: "Jinx 2.0, though."

It's a tongue-in-cheek reference and no way a direct confirmation, but Berry seems keen to be a more up-close-and-personal style of fighter than the rest of the Kingsman/Statesman ilk - something very apart from her rather prim techie (but in line with parallel Merlin's similar interest in the machete in the finale).

More interestingly, she seemed open to exploring parallels to her Bond girl from Die Another Day. One of the weakest 007 outings, it's what made Berry's casting a Q-style figure so interesting in the first place, so seeing that paid off should be very exciting for fans.

Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges Have Their Own Version

Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges

Kingsman 2 stars a pair of former Oscar rivals as espionage cousins-turned-brothers with Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges as Harry Hart and Champ respectively. The pair survives as the most senior members of their respective agencies, promising many potential directions - not that either was giving up what they personally wanted:

Jeff Bridges: "There's no script, but everybody's been throwing ideas out."

Colin Firth: "We've been entertaining ourselves all day with our version."

Screen Rant: "So what's your version?"

JB: "Well we can't tell you. We gotta tell the boss and see what he thinks."

CF: "We're revealing nothing."

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The pair admitted earlier in our interview they've spent more time together on the press tour than they actually did in the film - they share a couple of scenes, neither of which are that long or technical, so practically a few days filming - but were clearly having a lot of fun chatting the film. Evidently, they wouldn't say what their hopes for the threequel are, but from what they said we did learn that they're yet to see a script and hope to provide some details to Vaughn, pointing towards some degree of actor collaboration.


Be sure to check out our full interviews with these stars, as well as Julianne Moore (who most probably won't be back), along with a series of explainers and other features.

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