Kingsman 2 Video Highlights the Statesman... Bourbon Whiskey

Fans of Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be able to get a literal taste of the film ahead of its release, thanks to a clever new bit of cross-promotion. Following the surprise success of 2015's Kingsman: The Secret Service, the comic book movie is now on the verge of releasing a highly-anticipated follow-up that will take the action stateside. After the events of the previous film, the Kingsman organization will come under attack, forcing Eggsy to head to the U.S. to meet up with his American counterparts in the Statesman.

The film will see a number of new stars joining the production, from Channing Tatum to Halle Berry, and will parallel the storied and refined aura of the Kingsman with the upstart, Kentucky-based flavor of the Statesman. Thanks to The Golden Circle images and trailer, we've already seen hints of the new setting. Even in the brief glimpses, it's clear that both Kentucky and its famed export, bourbon, will factor into the proceedings. Naturally, the minds behind the film used the in-story details to come up with a clever bit of branding and cross-promotion for the film.

Pairing with the Brown-Forman distillery in Kentucky, a new video from 20th Century Fox highlights the fruits of the partnership between the film and the manufacturer. In it, we see a few new shots of the various Statesman, along with lots of barrels and glasses of their eponymous drink. Far from just existing within the film, Brown-Forman will be crafting a new straight bourbon whiskey for the film dubbed Statesman, which will be released under their Old Forester line. While the film won't debut until September, fans can get their hands on this new bit of marketing synergy in August.

Jeff Bridges as the head of the Statesman in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

No other details on the bourbon have been released yet, but the Old Forester reputation will likely ensure a quality yet affordable beverage. Sadly, you'll have to wait for a home video release in order to enjoy the drink along with the film, barring some enterprising movie theater carrying the product. And while items from films being created in real life isn't unheard of, this certainly is a novel bit of marketing for the film considering how interconnected Kentucky, bourbon, and the American mythos are to one another.

Just as the first Kingsman film served as a send-up of spy films, the new movie looks to be taking shots at Western and action movie themes. Cowboy hats and whips feature prominently throughout the shots of the Statesman, and the new film is said to have a presidential tone. With Kingsman: The Golden Circle right around the corner, speculation can begin as to which country will serve as the basis for the likely next film in the franchise.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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