Kingsman Director Wants a Trilogy, Open to Spinoffs

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The director of Kingsman: The Golden Circle wants to finish out the trilogy before hopefully moving on to a series of spinoffs. After the breakout success of the first Kingsman films, 20th Century Fox and Matthew Vaughn are hoping for lightning to strike again with the follow-up. As reviews have poured in, reactions have been mixed. Still, it's clear that fans of the first film will enjoy the insane action and irreverent comedy of the sequel.

Of course, Kingsman 2 has quite a financial challenge ahead of it. IT continues to reign supreme at the box office, and it may be hard for the action-comedy to top the horror heavyweight. If things do go well, however, Vaughn has plenty of plans for the future of the franchise. For one, he'd like to eventually release an extended cut of The Golden Circle. Following that, he's got plenty of ideas for where to go next.

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Cinema Blend spoke with Vaughn about the future of the Kingsman franchise beyond The Golden Circle, and the director seemed keen to finish out the story. We know that the Kingsman sequel sets up a third movie, but it looks as if the theoretical trilogy would wrap up the story in Vaughn's mind:

Channing Tatum Kingsman The Golden Circle Statesmen

"I think there's a story in my head which will be finished by the end of the next one. And then after that then, of course, there could be Statesman movies, there could be spinoff character films. The universe could continue with new agents. Or, you know, Colin (Firth) could become Arthur (...) or new characters could come in. Or new kids get trained. There's so many options, but I also think it's better not to be too greedy."

Given how eager studios are to spinoff hint films into sprawling franchise before the first movie even arrives, it's refreshing to hear Vaughn is keeping his eye on the immediate future. Luckily, the first movie was already a hit, and The Golden Circle will likely do well. All told, it's hard to imagine Vaughn not getting to finish out the trilogy.

From there, spinoffs do seem incredibly likely. Both films have introduced a number of captivating characters, from Harry to Julianne Moore's villain Poppy. Add in the possibilities with a group like the Statesmen, and Fox has plenty of options for future films if they're interested. For now, we'll just have to wait and see how Kingsman: The Golden Circle does.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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