Channing Tatum Looks Dapper in Kingsman 2 Set Photos

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When 2015’s comic-book-derived action spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service became a surprise hit, it wasn’t only the standout action and cheeky tone that did it. In part because the film’s plot had the spy agency using a Saville Row tailor shop as a front, the first film sported some of the most stylish men’s clothing in recent memory.

A sequel to Kingsman, titled Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is set to arrive next June and recently began production. Channing Tatum has been cast in the film, and if recently released set photos are any indication, the series’ dapper tradition will continue in the second movie - and Tatum will get to be a part of it.

As documented by ComingSoon, Channing Tatum was photographed on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle in London this week, sporting a stylish pinstripe suit, glasses and a bowler hat. It's quite a departure from Tatum's usual look in movies, which tends to lean more towards rough-and-ready action hero outfits that show off his physique. Of course, there's little doubt that Tatum's Kingsman character could probably do some damage, suit notwithstanding.

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Though filming is currently taking place in the UK, Kingsman: The Golden Circle's plot is reportedly set at least partially in the U.S., as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) come to America to work along with a counterpart U.S. organization called “The Statesmen". The name and occupation of Tatum’s character is unknown, but we do know Halle Berry and Julianne Moore are said to have joined the cast, along with music legend Elton John and Game of Thrones veteran Pedro Pascal. And even though Colin Firth’s character arc in the first movie seemed pretty thoroughly concluded, there are conflicting reports over whether he may return.

Should we be excited about this film? Sure. The original was lots of fun, and the director, Matthew Vaughn, is returning for the second installment. If Firth isn’t back he’ll be missed, but Tatum is almost always a welcome presence these days, and has especially excelled lately in smaller roles, such as in Hail, Caesar! And if those photos are any indication, the fashion-forwardness will remain a key part of the franchise going forward.

The question is, how will the film come up with a final joke as uproariously subversive as the one in the first movie?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set for release on June 16, 2017

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