Does Kingsman 2 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle brings back Eggsy, Harry, Merlin and co. back for more fun with help from their American cousins, Statesman. It's very much more of the same - more CGI-melded action, more British slang, more lewdness - but does expand the scope of the franchise. You can find out our full take in Screen Rant's Kingsman 2 review, but right now we want to look at the post-credits scene situation.

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Did The Original Kingsman Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Taron Egerton as Eggsy in Kingsman 1

There was nothing at the very end of the credits in the very original Kingsman, but it did have a neat mid-credits stinger. After a snazzy credits sequence, we cut back to the pub where Harry first showcased his Kingsman skills and focus on Eggsy's mother and brutish boyfriend Dean. Eggsy enters to take his Mum away from his violent stepfather for good, and when the cronies stand against him he mirrors Harry's fight, locking to doors and declaring "Manners maketh man". You can check out the scene below.

While Eggsy had saved the world, his character arc wasn't quite complete - he still needed to address his past and the situation with his mother, which this scene elegantly did. It's thus an important part of the film, and was likely only held back so the movie proper would end on the highly controversial "anal" scene.

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Is There A Post-Credits Scene in Kingsman 2?

Taron Egerton Kingsman 2

Unlike its predecessor, The Golden Circle doesn't have anything during or after the credits. In fact, unlike the first, the credits themselves are rather plain and simply play out. In short, there is no post-credits scene.

It's definitely a shame that, given how balls-out bonkers the preceding two hours were, Matthew Vaughn didn't craft a fun stinger to reward loyal fans - or shift one of the random ending points to the end - although it's not like the film hasn't already offered up enough delirious fun up until that point.

Does Kingsman 2 Set-Up A Sequel?

But does that mean the film doesn't do anything to set up Kingsman 3? Not at all. We won't go into details here as it could be construed as spoilers, but the film establishes a strong new status quo and teases that there's not only potential for a third film, but perhaps several more beyond that.

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