Kingsman 2 Plot Goes In 'Unpredictable Emotional Directions'

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The co-writer of Kingsman: The Golden Circle says the film will be packed with surprises -- both emotional and physical ones. Despite The Secret Service being a relatively unknown comic book, 2015's Kingsman: The Secret Service managed to win over both fans and general moviegoers when the adaptation hit theaters. The film's success was mostly due to its raucous and action-packed tone, blending spy hijinks with plenty of absurd humor.

With Kingsman: The Golden Circle hitting theaters later this month, the marketing for the movie has begun to ramp up considerably. We recently got a whole new set of character posters for the film, and finally saw the whole cast united. Meanwhile, the various trailers and TV spots have shown the film won't shy away from some idiosyncratic action scenes. Now, we know the emotional beats of the film will be just as intriguing.

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Den of Geek spoke with Kingsman: The Golden Circle co-writer Jane Goldman about the upcoming sequel. During their conversation, Goldman spoke about how they approached the new movie and what sets its apart from the first film.

“I think the challenge is just wanting to do more of the same, but wanting to keep what made Kingsman feel fresh and interesting. Kingsman can, with its history, surprising and consistently go in directions you didn't expect, both in terms of the characters’ emotional journeys and in terms of the kind of outrageous, absurd, or surprising kind of action that you see."

As marketing has continued for the film, it's been clear that the sequel will be both outrageous and absurd. And it certainly won't want for inventive fight scenes. Goldman went on to discuss how she and Matthew Vaughn tried to elevate the winning elements of the original Kingsman:

“The main thing is we want to continue to be unpredictable. So the story goes through some very unpredictable emotional directions, and also you have the moments of absurdity that I hope will leave audiences surprised and delighted. It's more outrageous than the first one, but it's certainly not about ‘Oh, we have to be more gory, or more intense.’ There are some amazing action sequences that hopefully they'll be surprising in ways audiences weren't expecting to be surprised.”

Likely, some of the proposed emotional directions will come from Eggsy and Harry reuniting. But there's also a chance Kingsman really will surprise audiences and tap into previously unexplored veins of nuance and character development. If so, the film should set itself up nicely for yet another sequel, one that will be narratively satisfying. While we'll have to wait to see if Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a critical success, things are already looking good financially.

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Source: Den of Geek

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