Kingsman 2: Julianne Moore’s Poppy is ‘Stepford Wives-Style Villain’

Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn describes Kingsman: The Golden Circle villain Poppy, as an innocent and harmless character on the surface, but deadly and wise on the inside. Played by Julianne Moore, the antagonist is set to square off against the British underground organization's newest recruit, Eggsy (Taron Egerton).

Not much is known in terms of what exactly Poppy's evil plan is -- only that she has some connections with the secret New World Order group called The Golden Circle. Following the destruction of the Kingsman's bases in the United Kingdom, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) will have to join forces with the Kingsman's Stateside counterparts called the Statesman which is led by Champagne "Champ" (Jeff Bridges) to take down this new threat looming in the shadows.

In a new interview with Empire Online, Vaughn provides a little bit more details regarding the type of villain that Poppy is. Instead of the upfront villain that normal spy antagonists are, this new type is charming -- which makes her more dangerous especially with her ability to easily fool people around her:

“She’s America’s sweetheart gone wrong. I thought it would be fun to see her play this kooky, sweet, Stepford Wives-style villain that, at the same time, is lethal and crazy and intelligent."

Given the kind of antagonist he wanted to achieve, the filmmaker added that it only makes sense that an actress like Moore who "can play wholesome so well, but also pretty crazy and tough," was only fitting to play the role. In fact, Vaughn shared that it was the Academy Award-winning actress who was the first choice for the part.

The director had doubts about crafting a villain as memorable as Samuel L. Jackson's Valentine in Kingsman: The Secret Service -- someone who has a plan that is not necessarily morally right but definitely has a point. And this is something that he was able to once again recreate in Poppy saying, "I’ve come up with a whole new villain plot that I guarantee people will be debating.” It can be remembered that the first film's main bad guy utilized SIM cards to affect people's brains, this time, Moore's character seems to be secretly using food to execute her villainous plan.

Aside from the mystery of Poppy and the Golden Circle, another burning question fans have for Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the miraculous resurrection of Harry (Colin Firth). Eggsy's mentor was presumed to have been killed by Valentine in the first film until it was confirmed that character is coming back for the movie's sequel. Based on a promotional standee for the project revealed last month, this new iteration of veteran English spy seems to have adapted the shearling jacket and cowboy hat of the Statesman although he still keeps his iconic umbrella and bespoke underneath. This has spawned countless theories online but it's safe to say it will remain a mystery until the film drops in a two months.

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Source: Empire Online

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