Kingsman 2 in IMAX: Why You Should Buy the Regular Ticket Instead

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is finally here, returning fans of The Secret Service to London before taking them to Kentucky and beyond. The film has got strong reviews (read ours here) and early box office predictions suggest a lot of people are going out to see it this weekend - but which version should you watch?

Unlike a lot of major tentpoles - and in a move that reflects stereoscopy's decreasing importance - Kingsman 2 won't be screening in 3D, one less extra to worry about. And that's probably a good thing - Kingsman 2 is a vibrant film, so much of its visual appeal would be lessened by the light-reducing glasses.

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Instead, the movie is available in regular digital projection and IMAX. The original film also got a small IMAX release, but for the sequel Fox is going all in, with a major global rollout. So, what should you plump for: a regular ticket or a premium format? We've seen the movie in both versions and here's our verdict.

What IMAX Improves?

Obviously, IMAX comes with its own inherent benefits. The screen is bigger, the projection quality brighter and the sound more immersive; the whole thing is a higher quality experience than the digital projection you get normally. Of course, that's true for any movie presented in the format - what does the Kingsman treatment offer that other films don't to make this worthy of the extra cost?

Well, Matthew Vaughn is a very visual director, with highly kinetic action presented in lengthy, digitally-augmented long-takes that obviously look spectacular on the massive screen. IMAX also helps the CGI. Many of the aforementioned stylistic traits are achieved digitally, but having so much can lead to rubbery or cartoony effects in places; anyone who's seen the previous film will be familiar with this. In IMAX, the quality of the projection, while not making them go away, vastly downplays the compositing issues.

Is The IMAX Worth It?

Kingsman 2 Box Office Projections
Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Pedro Pascal in Kingsman: The Golden Cirlce

However, does all that amount to bang for your extra buck? It depends on how anticipated Kingsman 2 is for you and the extent of the surcharge in your area, but overall we're inclined to say not - while The Golden Circle is a visual experience, it's one that is so peppy it doesn't need to added scale. Its landscapes are London, Kentucky, the Alps and South America, not Asgard or Themyscira.

The vibrant, rubbery effects we talked about earlier aren't much of a barrier to a good viewing experience either. If anything they give the film and indeed the franchise its unique flavor and are as much an asset regardless of roughness. So, unless they were a key objection in the first film, you're definitely safe going for a regular ticket and saving your extra cash for some popcorn.


Have you seen Kingsman: The Golden Circle yet? What format did you watch it in? And did it enhance the movie? Share your experiences in the comments.

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