Kingsman: The Golden Circle Promo - New Wardrobe, New Allies

A new promo for this year's Kingsman: The Golden Circle shines a spotlight on the sequel's new set of outfits and its even slicker new set of spy agents. While Marvel and DC's new comic book movies have managed to drum up a whole lot of attention for themselves so far this year, The Golden Circle stands out as one of this fall's most anticipated blockbuster films. Not only does it promise to continue where the first hit Kingsman movie left off, it also marks the latest film from writer/director Matthew Vaughn - whose work behind the camera over the past +10 years has garnered him a considerable amount of goodwill amongst both audiences and film industry insiders.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle also marks the first time that Vaughn has directed a sequel to one of his own movies, and as such, promises to be the kind of creatively satisfying experience that must have made him want to come back to the franchise again in the first place. And based on the first trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it looks like Vaughn is only aiming higher with this ambitious sequel - by considerably increasing both the scope and size of the sequel's story, as opposed to the first film's.

That also includes practically doubling the number of main cast members in the film, with Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) going to The Statesmen - the U.S. version of the Kingsman - for aid in defeating Julianne Moore's villainous, Poppy. In anticipation of the film's release later this year, Mr. Porter has released a new short promo for The Golden Circle online, further highlighting the slick new fashion in the film - some of which comes from Eggsy and Merlin's newest allies. You can check out the promo for yourself in the space above.

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Considering just how little has actually been released from the film, it's saying something that The Statesmen already appear to be one of Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman's more exciting new additions in The Golden Circle. It's not hard to see why either when just looking at the lineup of actors populating The Statesmen roster in the film. In addition to Halle Berry's Ginger, the faction's members include Pedro Pascal's Agent Whiskey, Channing Tatum's Agent Tequila, Jeff Bridges' Agent Champagne, and more.

Reactions to early Kingsman: The Golden Circle footage have been nothing but positive up until this point - and based on the film's teaser trailer, Vaughn looks to be more than keeping alive the same style and aesthetic that made the first Kingsman so enjoyable. However, it'll be interesting to see how the sequel's tone may or may not mature in the sequel, especially since the teaser itself was considerably more moody and somber than some fans might have expected at first. There's no doubt that Vaughn and Goldman will be able to keep the same kind of irreverent comedy alive in the sequel, but whether or not Kingsman: The Golden Circle is able to feel as fresh and genuinely exciting as its predecessor did two years ago, is another matter altogether.

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Source: Mr. Porter

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