Kingsman 2: Julianne Moore's Villain is 'Martha Stewart on Crack'

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Julianne Moore's villain in Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be using her heroin cartel to build Americana in the jungle. After the sleeper success of Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service, the film's sequel is one of 2017's most hotly-anticpated blockbusters. Like the first film, it will send up spy and action films with plenty of humor and lots of cameos from some big Hollywood names. And while the first movie focused on the spy life in the UK, The Golden Circle will be diving into Americana.

Part of the American focus of the movie will be the U.S. equivalent of the Kingsman, the Statesman. And while their trappings of bourbon, whips, and cowboy hats might seem like the antithesis of everything laid out in the first film, the Kingsman and the Statesman are more connected than they seem. In the end, they'll need to work together despite their differences to take on the film's new villain. Played by Oscar winner Julianne Moore, not much has been known about the movie's new rogue—until now.

EW spoke with Kingsman: The Golden Circle director and co-writer Matthew Vaughn about Moore's character and his simple explanation for her was "Martha Stewart on crack."

In the film, Moore's character Poppy will be building a massive 1950s-themed suburbia in the middle of the jungle to reclaim the world she thinks has left her. From diners to old theaters, this locale will serve as both her villain lair and her warped vision for the world.

“It’s her beloved Americana that she would like to bring back again.”

Between the Golden Circle—a reference to the Golden Triangle opium trade—and the name Poppy, it's not hard to suss out how exactly the Moore's character will be funding her bizarre endeavor. Thanks to her domination of the drug trade, she'll be able to make her dream a reality. But she wants more than just her nostalgic vision of the past.

In Poppy's mind, hard drugs are no more addictive or harmful than sugar, alcohol, or tobacco. And yet, the titans of those industries are respected entrepreneurs while she's labeled a criminal.

“She’s taken over the global drug business and wants to be on the Forbes list.”

While Poppy's ideas aren't off-base, her methods and plans clearly are. Thanks to the mix of social satire and grandiose absurdity, The Golden Circle will be able to maintain much of what made the first film so lovable.

Thanks to the first trailer for the movie, we've had some hints as to what we can expect. Hopefully, the coming weeks will shine even more light on the plot of  Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

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Source: EW

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