Kingsman 2 CinemaCon Trailer Description: Eggsy Heads to America

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Like Deadpool the following year, 2015's Kingsman: The Secret Service surprised everyone as not only a fitting James Bond parody, but a fun action-comedy based on a somewhat obscure comic book. Star Taron Egerton even wants the two movies to join forces at some point. In the meantime, anticipation has been high for a follow-up. We've known for awhile it will be titled Kingsman: The Golden Circle and will see the return of much of the first film's cast. Even more exciting, the sequel will travel to the States and explore the U.S.'s own version of the covert group.

So far, we've seen a set photo teasing Halle Berry's new character and heard that the sequel will naturally be bigger and badder than the first. Thanks to the movie hosting an event at CinemaCon this week, more promotion is starting to roll in for the film. Earlier today, we got a plot synopsis and brand-new poster for the movie. Now, courtesy of Comic Book, we've even got a description of the trailer that was shown to CinemaCon attendees today. Check out the highlights below:

Elton John Kingsman The Golden Circle Poster Tease
  • The footage begins with clips from the first movie recapping the journey of Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Eggerton).
  • In the present day, Eggsy is being chased through London by gatling-gun-equipped cars.
  • Eggsy fires off a missile from his car which splits into three separate projectiles and destroys the other cars.
  • Someone is shown plotting ways to kill the Kingsmen.
  • The Kingsman mansion and tailor gets destroyed.
  • To solve all of his issues, someone offers Eggsy a drink from a bottle that says 'Kentucky.'
  • This leads to a trip to Kentucky where Eggsy meets Channing Tatum's character.
  • Tatum has a southern accent and is part of the U.S. version of the Kingsmen called the Statesmen.
  • Harry Hart (Colin First) is shown in a cell and now has an eyepatch.
  • Several robotic dogs are killed.
  • An electric lasso (teased in the poster) severs someone in two.
  • Hart and Eggsy are reunited.
  • A fight breaks out on a ski lift and an American flag parachute opens.
  • Eggsy tells Tatum's character “That’s very American,” to which he responds “F--k yeah.”
  • The whole thing is set to Elton John’s “Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting.”

The song selection is of course fitting, given that Elton John will actually be making an appearance in the film. While there's no guarantee this is the exact version of the trailer that will likely soon be released for general audiences, expect it to hit similar beats. Besides catching viewers old and new alike up on what's happens since the first film, it will likely introduce the American group of spies and tease some of the action and stars. With the movie coming out this fall, expect the release of a teaser or full trailer to come any day now.

Source: Comic Book

Key Release Dates
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) release date: Sep 22, 2017
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