Kingsman 2 Gets Hype for #MayweatherMcGregor

The latest round of promos for Kingsman: The Golden Circle attempt to make boxing more civilized. Just as the James Bond franchise has always been steeped in quintessentially British concepts, so too was the first Kingsman as it attempted to send-up the series and similar spy films. But the upcoming sequel, due out next month, will bring those somewhat anachronistic themes to the United States for a new spin on the first film's formula.

The results of the meeting between the Kingsman and the Statesman in The Golden Circle will feature plenty of ribbing from both sides. Like the British, the American spies will be wrapped in stereotypical trappings, such as lassos, whisky, and cowboy hats. That rivalry is on display in the latest TV spot, which shows the hilarious clash of cultures that will occur in the new film. Of course, both the US and UK are joined by their love of a few things. Given both cultures love of boxing, the Kingsman and the Statesman would likely be excited about tonight's fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

The Twitter for Kingsman: The Golden Circle has added two new videos in a bid to build off the hype for tonight's fight. The first features a compilation of "punches you don't have to pay for." Included in the promo is some new footage showing Harry getting worked over by a redneck in a bar. In all likelihood, the short video will prove more action packed than the fight itself.

Here are a few punches you don't have to pay for...courtesy of #Kingsman: The Golden Circle. In theaters 9/22. #MayweatherMcGregor

— Kingsman (@KingsmanMovie) August 26, 2017

The second video, meanwhile, attempts to bring boxing back to its pugilistic roots by recontextualizing the pre-fight trash talk. In the short clip, insults from both fighters are reworked using British parlance and civility. Like the punches video does for action, the clip proves how well Kingsman can handle comedy.

Manners Maketh Man. Here, let us clean up that language a bit for you. Courtesy of the #Kingsman. #MayweatherMcGregor

— Kingsman (@KingsmanMovie) August 26, 2017

This isn't the first time Kingsman 2 has used a big cultural event to promote their film. Last week, they released a promo claiming the eclipse was marketing for the titular Golden Circle of the film. Luckily, they also followed it up with a new TV spot that actually explains who the Golden Circle are in the movie.

There's no telling if the Kingsman sequel will be able to match the heights of its predecessor, but the marketing for the movie so far has shown the minds behind the film know its strengths. If the movie can deliver as much action and comedy as its various promos have, then fans should be in for a great time when Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters.

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