Can you feel the love tonight? Matthew Vaughn certainly can. After writing and directing 2015’s action spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Servicewhich generated over $400 million worldwide, Fox green-lit a sequel to the film. Vaughn is currently developing Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and this follow up will find our heroes Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) traveling to the U.S. to work with another secret organization called the Statesmen when the follow-up hits theaters in June 2017.

While the first film starred a relative unknown at the time, the rest of the cast was an impressive array of established actors. Colin Firth co-starred as Eggsy’s mentor Harry Hart/Galahad, Samuel L. Jackson tore up the scenery as the villainous Valentine, and Michael Caine played (slightly) against type as Arthur. The next film is primed to top that, with many big-name actors already signed to the project and a new addition who just might surprise viewers.

Julianne Moore  has already signed on as the new villain,  Halle Berry is slated to play the head of the Statesmen, and Pedro Pascal (Narcos) is currently in talks to play an American agent working alongside Berry’s character. They are now adding another surprising name to the roster who doubles as a musical legend. According to THR, Sir Elton John is in talks to join The Golden Circle. We still don’t have any information on what his role will be in the film, or who he will interact with the most.

kingsman 2 release date 2017 Kingsman 2 Adding Elton John To Its Cast

Plot details are just beginning to roll out as production has not yet begun on the film. It’s possible that he will be playing himself, as the first film had varied celebrity cameos, either mentioned or in person, and this would be in-line with his previous on-camera experience.While John is of course best known for his long history of hit songs, he has also done a fair amount of voice/narrator work in projects like The Simpsons, The Road to El Dorado and Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember. 

His addition is an interesting twist on the consistently amazing casting for this project. While one of the biggest questions of the film is if they will somehow resurrect the presumed dead Harry Hart, John’s eclectic casting and the film’s change in location hints that Vaughn and the rest of the crew are focused on making this film similar in spirit, but thankfully different in plot.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens in U.S. theaters on June 16th, 2017.

Source: THR

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