Colin Firth Teases Possibility of 'Jaw-Dropping' Kingsman 2 Director's Cut

Colin Firth has talked about the shooting process for Kingsman: The Golden Circle and reveals the possibility of a director's cut that would make your jaw drop. Firth is back as Harry Hart in the super spy sequel (despite being killed off in the first film) where he reunites with Taron Egerton for another dose of extremely violent and deliriously fun action.

But even though the movie we got pushed boundaries (especially a scandalously explicit sex scene involving Egerton), a lot of Matthew Vaughn's vision found itself on the cutting room floor. The director has teased that the film originally came in at 3 hours 40 minutes and thus a lot was removed, leaving opportunity for an alternate director's cut. Now Firth has fanned the flames further.

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When Screen Rant sat down with Colin Firth recently, we discussed the freedom of being in an R-rated film and how a series as extreme at Kingsman escalates. In our conversation, Firth revealed that a lot of ideas more intense than what was scripted were added on the day - and that a lot of it was cut, leading to his hope of an extended version:

Colin Firth: There's plenty on the page when you read the script and make you think "oh, that's going to be intense", and then when you get onto the set it's more intense. He'll [Vaughn] have an idea. There were one or two things that are in the film, some that are not. There may be a director's cut one day where, actually, your jaw drops.

Screen Rant: You filmed stuff?

Firth: Yeah, yeah. All will be revealed at some point, I'm sure.

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Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Pedro Pascal in Kingsman: The Golden Cirlce

We already knew an extended cut was possible, but Firth's comments tease the sort of thing we may see and why what was cut didn't make it. Vaughn previously stated length, but as the actor cites intense ideas created on set, it seems that how extreme some scenes got played a part. What those are is up to speculation, but there are several key fight scenes involving Firth that could be made bloodier and more gruesome. Whether it matches the intense church scene from the original, where Firth's Harry goes trigger-happy under the influence of villain Valentine, remains to be seen.

Regardless, as both director and star have talked about an alternate cut it seems clear that, at the very least, the creatives are keen for a second edit. Indeed, Firth's confidence about its eventual existence, or of the typically anti-deleted scenes Vaughn revealing more information definitely create hope for fans of the film.

In addition to teasing another cut and revealing he was always set to return from the dead, our interview with Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges saw the pair playfully discuss working together at last and the process of CGI de-aging. Keep with Screen Rant for the full interview (as well as chats with the rest of the cast).

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