Does Kingsman 2 Have Another Controversial Sex Scene?

The first Kingsman was marked out by its A-list cast, hyper-kinetic action and disregard for spy blockbuster conventions, although it's probably best remembered for the "anal" scene. The film's final moment was immediately controversial for obvious reasons, and as Kingsman: The Golden Circle approaches, many have been asking if it has a comparable scene? You bet it does!

The sequel sees the return of the tailor shop spies, this time teaming up with their American cousins, the Whiskey-distilling Statesman to take down a globally-dominant drug cartel. But, fitting of the R-rating, this isn't a typical Bondian adventure.

What Was Kingsman 1's Controversial Scene?

The Swedish Princess in Kingsman

At the end of The Secret Service, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) comes across a Swedish Princess held hostage by Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) who says if he saves the world then they will "do it in asshole". Well, he does save the world and in the final scene returns to her cell for his "reward", which is conveyed in the film as a POV shot recorded by the agent's spy glasses, much to the shocked disgust of Q-esque Merlin (Mark Strong).

Surprising no one, this caused quite a stir. It's right at the end so stands as the film's ultimate statement and is revealing up until the very last point of decency (and some would say it went too far). Two-and-a-half years later, it's still causing shock and being defended by those involved.

The New Shocking Scene

We're not going to spoil the moment here, especially as much of its effect comes from having not expected it, but there's another sex-related scene involving Eggsy in a compromising situation - and one that's considerably more affronting and graphic. It comes slap-bang in the middle of the film and is quite plot essential, making it all the more audacious.

Like its predecessor, the scene is already causing waves due to its unflinching detail and morally-questionable motivations, but at the same time does serve some thematic and story purpose, and further can also be read as a sly subversion of Bond cliches.

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Are There Any Other Controversial Moments?

That moment is clearly the standout - it dominates reviews for the film and is sure to make quite a stir on opening weekend - but that's not the only point where Matthew Vaughn pushes the envelope with The Golden Circle. After all, The Secret Service also had that all-out church murder spree - he has to do something more.

The sequel takes on a key controversial topic and follows it through to near-completion, featuring some politically-charged images. And, violence-wise, Julianne Moore's villain Poppy has a very interesting method of killing.

Is The Original's Controversial Scene Referenced?

Taron Egerton as Eggsy in Kingsman

The anal scene does have a strong presence in the film; at one point, the scene is even directly referenced as the go-to reward for "saving the world". But, beyond that, Tilde, played by Hanna Alström, isn't just a one-joke character, rather now Eggsy's primary love interest and key motivation for his character arc - in fact, she has a fairly important contextual part in the new movie's shocker.

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