These New Kingsman 2 Character Posters are Dressed to Kill

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Kingsman: The Secret Service showed audiences it could save the world and look good while doing it, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle is continuing that tradition with a new batch of character posters. These posters not only feature the heroes and villains of the Kingsman sequel, and their particular gadgets (since any spy worth their salt has really great gadgets), they also spotlight the return of a fan favorite character bringing Sophie Cookson's Roxie, also known as Lancelot back to the marketing material.

It's Roxie's poster that's drawn the most scrutiny. Just how much of a role she'll play in Kingsman: The Golden Circle remains to be seen but whatever work she has to do puts her front and center with her own poster. Fans of the franchise have been concerned about just where the character was and if she'd be a victim of the attack on Kingsman headquarters. Even if she were to only have a short role in the film, spies don't stay gone long in the Kingsman universe. Just ask Colin Firth's Harry Hart who was supposedly killed by Samuel L. Jackson's Valentine yet resurfaced to the surprise of fans in trailers and these new posters with his butterfly nets.

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Whatever Roxie is up to, along with the rest of the Kingsmen and Statesmen, the posters offer us a colorful look at their worlds and wardrobes. Kingsman cosplay is incredibly popular and these posters, along with their arsenals will surely prove to be a treat for anyone hoping to show up dressed to save the world. Check out the posters below:

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The concepts of spies, gadgets, and tweaking traditional spy tropes is a large part of the Kingsman universe. It has been applied everywhere for this campaign, including the recent Mayweather vs McGregor fight by proving they might have different boxing fashion sense. Fans will have to wait until the film hits theaters to judge the comparison. It's not the first lighthearted ad that Kingsman has taken out, however, havings spotlighted everything from that fight to the Kentucky Derby in their trailers. Starring Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Sophie Cookson, and newcomers Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, and Julieanne Moore as the villainous Poppy it's sure to be a treat.

An inside look at the Kingsmen gadgets is pretty exciting, but they'll be up against some pretty intense competition as well as their stateside counterparts. Time will tell whose gadgets are better than the other. However, as any good Kingsman, or Statesmen might say, it's the spy that makes the suit, not the other way around. The Statesmen are sure to agree.

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