Kingsman 2's 'Unpredictable' Ending Will Set Up Kingsman 3

Writer/director Matthew Vaughn teases how Kingsman: The Golden Circle sets the stage for the already-in-early-development Kingsman 3.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle has yet to even hit theaters, but already talk of Kingsman 3 is beginning. While a comic book film, the first Kingsman was a relatively obscure affair on both page and screen. It also bucked the traditionally model, focusing on a spy send-up rather than superheroes. Still, the R-Rated action/comedy foreshadowed the success of Deadpool a year later when it became a surprise hit in early 2015. Almost immediately, talk of a sequel emerged, and now The Golden Circle is almost upon us.

The new film will follow Eggsy as he journeys to America to join forces with Kingsman sibling group, the Statesman. Thanks to pictures of new cast members Channing Tatum and the other whip-weilding and whiskey-drinking members of the Statesman organization, we've already got a sense of the new film. The Golden Circle trailer gave us an even better idea, teasing the action and chaos of the upcoming blockbuster. But from the sound of it, the movie will be far crazier than fans can imagine, and will help set up the next installment in the franchise.

During a press event in London held by 20th Century Fox, Kingsman franchise director and co-writer Matthew Vaughn was on hand to talk to attendees about the upcoming sequel. After screening the first third of The Golden Circle for those in attendance, Vaughn teased the climax of the sequel and future of the larger franchise, saying "No one will predict where Eggsy winds up [at the end of The Golden Circle]."

Eggsy (Taron Egerton) in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Unpredictable is certainly a fitting descriptor for the film, as everything we've seen so far has been unconventional. Vaughn also discussed how he and his writing partner, Jane Goldman, began generating ideas for Kingsman 3 while working on The Golden Circle. Whereas the first film's success was a surprise, Vaughn and Goldman now have the benefit of being able to plan ahead for a third movie that will almost certainly arrive.

As for the unpredictable ending? It's possible that the third film could take place in a new country with another group of super spies, though it's hard to imagine what location would be truly unpredictable. Barring a trip to space in Kingsman 3, perhaps the wild ending Vaughn is promises could be the Deadpool crossover star Taron Eggerton is keen on seeing. We won't hold our breath for that possibility just yet, but it's clear that Vaugh, Goldman, and the rest of the Kingsman crew will continue to innovate well beyond The Golden Circle.

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