30 Things About Kingdom Hearts That Make No Sense

I remember one day in 2002 when I was 8 years old, I went over to my cousin's house. Down in the basement, she was playing this strange game on her PlayStation 2.  I instantly recognized Donald and Goofy, but couldn't tell who the person she was playing as was. Little did I know that that day would bring me a love (17 years and counting) of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. From then on, we got the games as a family and enjoyed watching while one person played. Some of my fondest memories come from it. From having my siblings watch my health while I fought Sephiroth or agonizing over having to watch a particular cutscene over and over again because I kept losing against Riku, the whole game was a sheer delight.

Now many years later, we're finally getting the third installment, and I couldn't be more excited. Kingdom Hearts has been a lot to not only me but the entire fandom. It's given hope, laughter, and a few eye-rolls over the years. While we eagerly await the last few days before the third game's release, it's fun to go through the games again. Even though they don't always make sense- especially since they don't make sense. You see, even though fans love the franchise, it's not exactly for stellar storytelling. There are a lot of important parts that don't make sense, and the rules are thrown out the window very early on. Even so, we love it.

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30 The "Fake" Twilight Town Has Some Big Incosistencies

During the first bit of Kingdom Hearts 2, you play as Roxas hanging out with his friends. One of the side missions you need to do is look at mysterious happenings around town. Most of them are easily explained away due to the fact that the whole of Roxas's Twilight Town is fake. There is one bit though that doesn't make sense- the alleyway where you have to dodge the balls. It wouldn't make sense for Namine to make it a reality, and there's no explanation as to why or how they come out of the walls.

29 No One Is Concerned About A Space Whale?

If you ask me, the most confusing world to get around in was Monstro. Not only were the portals too similar to figure out which was which, each room turned you around and changed your perspective. Needless to say, it was one of my least favorite places in the first game.

But then you have to wonder- how on earth did Monstro become his own world? When Pinocchio's world was taken over, did he find some way to escape? Has he always been able to survive the vacuum of space?

28 How Does Maleficent Keep Coming Back?

Maleficent was a force to be reckoned with in the first game, but she somehow made an appearance in the sequel. The game gives no hint as to how she arose from the cloak- a cloak which disappeared after Sora defeated her. Her raven isn't shown to have magic powers, and I don't think anyone could trust Pete with a task like bringing her back. The organization wouldn't have, as Maleficent was shown to help Sora to stop them from reaching their goal. It's a mystery lost to time.

27 Riku Sure Changed Sides Quickly

Now before you start going on about how Riku's desire to wake up Kairi caused him to blindly follow Maleficent, here's the question I'd like to ask. Why does he view Sora's new friendship to Donald and Goofy as a betrayal? Certainly, they had other goals, but out of Riku and Sora, Riku was always the more logical one, prone to thought rather than action. While I know that Maleficent's word held some sway over him, I can't help but think that there must have been some other magic at hand to make Riku turn that quickly.

Art by Nick-Ian.

26 Why Is Alice A Princess Of Heart?

Of all of the princesses of heart, the one that has baffled me the most has always been Alice. Practically every other princess of heart is royalty of some sort. Out of all of the princesses available in the Pantheon of Disney characters, they somehow decided Alice was a good choice.

She wasn't really portrayed to be pure in heart. In fact, she could be seen as mischievous at best. Maybe it was because they didn't expect to do a sequel, maybe it was an excuse to go to Wonderland as a world.

25 Why Exactly Did Sora's Keyblade Vanish?

Now that we've had some other games to explain "keyblade things," like why Sora and Roxas can dual wield, or why Riku can wield at all, it's time to get down to why Sora lost the ability when in the depths of Hollow Bastion. There are arguments that it was because Riku's heart was stronger, or that he was originally supposed to be the chosen one, not Sora. But none of these have been confirmed as the reason why Sora lost his keyblade. It just made the next section of the game super annoying.

24 How Far Could A Raft Even Carry Them?

The tutorial at the beginning of the game tells you that Sora, Riku, and Kairi are planning a way to get off the island. Their bright idea is a raft. It wouldn't be a bad idea if we knew that the world was large enough to contain more than one town.

A raft would only carry our heroes so far.

Most of the worlds we visit only really contain a certain space. As far as we know, that's the whole world. But if you think that's bad, wait until you see what else could have gone terribly wrong for them.

23 The Supplies You Collect For The Trip Are Pitiful

As part of your tutorial, you are required to collect supplies for the upcoming raft trip. Among items required are three fish, three bottles of water, and one seagull egg. I don't know about you, but that sounds like around a day's worth of food for three people. Perhaps they didn't think it would take too long to find new land, but given that we know they've been to school, you'd think they not only would know their world's geography, but also to over-prepare.

22 Riku Finally Learns To Be Prepared

After realizing he was incredibly ill-prepared for a raft trip that never happened, I guess Riku decided to be better next time. In one of the trailers for the third game, we see Mickey and Riku about to head out. What's interesting though is the fact that they're both yielding suitcases. None of the characters have ever had to worry about changing clothes or packing anything extra. Why start now? Perhaps more importantly, a good question to ask here is where that suitcase will be staying for the entirety of the game.

21 What Exactly Is Kingdom Hearts?

Despite being the game's namesake, there isn't really any solid information as to what Kingdom Hearts is or what it can do. It has served a few different purposes in each of the games, and is mentioned several times.

What does Kingdom Hearts do?

But because of this inconsistency, there really isn't any way to know what it does for certain. Is it a tool? An ultimate power source? A plot device? It can be anything it wants to be at this point. You go, heart-shaped moon.

20 Where Are The Union Leaders?

I recently bought a copy of the game that includes Back Cover. I wanted to catch up on everything, so ended up watching the movie. It was decent enough, but something that made no sense is why the master wouldn't tell everyone the roles he gave to each union leader. It not only would have saved time, but it also would have saved the trouble that came with the intrigue and work in the dark by the leaders. I can only hope the third game will finally answer the questions that arose because of it.

art by ShiylaKirisame

19 At Least Send Your Mother A Postcard

In the game's timeline, it's probably been about 3 or 4 years since the beginning of the first game. As far as Sora's concerned, everything is fine and he's coming into his own. Things may not be quite as rosy at home, though. We know Sora has a mother who seems to care for her son. But in the time he's been gone, she not only had her memory of him wiped and replaced, but also no clue as to where he is or any way to get a hold of him. I can't imagine her grief.

Art by Flamesalvo.

18 How Exactly Was Namine Born?

When nobodies were introduced, the rules to their creation were laid out pretty clearly. A heartless is required in order for a nobody's birth. But one person breaks the laws on this subject: Namine.

How was Namine born?

She was created because of some gobbeldy-gook with Kairi's heart joining Sora's. Kairi never turned into a heartless. Her body was kept by Maleficent and Riku the entire first game. It kind of explains her powers, but not much else. Still, she's my favorite, so I'll overlook it.

17 Where Are All Those Keychains Stored?

I get that each of the keyblades has a special keychain and are large enough to use as a tool. But does that mean they can revert to just that size when not in use? After all, you've amassed quite the collection at the end of the game. It's hard to believe the trunk of the gummi ship is just filled to the brim with all of the clutter gathered on their journey. I get that this is a game and you have to have some suspension of belief. But give us something.

Art by keixell.

16 How Do Letters Reach Other Worlds?

One of the biggest things that gets stressed in the first game is the fact that there is a border between the worlds that needs to be kept at all times. However, a lot of people send notes between worlds throughout the game and it isn't told how they get from point A to point B.

How do letters travel the universe?

Perhaps Mickey uses his magic (the same could probably be said of the letter Leon gets at the end of the second game). But if they're using magic, why use a written letter?

15 The Mystery Of Yen Sid

In the same vein as the last entry, the world borders prevent people from mingling. So how on earth did Mickey and Master Yen Sid meet up? If Mickey had been spending time ruling his kingdom with its over-sized doors and Yen Sid was sitting in his tower, there wouldn't be much reason for the two to meet. Once again, it seems like Mickey is breaking rules all over the place. I suppose he can because Disney owns practically everything, but who knew their reach went all over the universe?

14 Riku's Strange Outfit And Attitude Change

Riku is probably a better-developed character than Sora and could arguably be a better protagonist. One of the many things I don't understand about him though is how he has access to a form that looks like Ansem. He takes it after being defeated by Roxas and only turns back 'because he defeated the darkness' inside of him. But how did he know he could do it? What purpose did it really serve? It's a nice turn of events but hardly makes sense.

13 An Unknown Destination

At the beginning of the game, Riku and Mickey seemingly get caught behind the door to darkness in order to stop the oncoming of heartless. What we saw through the crack was our first glimpse of it.

What is the realm of darkness?

We get to see more of it as the games go on, but it's completely different. We have to wonder then: is it a different realm of darkness, or was there more to see? That's what I'd wager, but with these games, you never know.

12 Why Didn't Mickey Check On Kairi?

Mickey is the one who helped escort Kairi away from Radiant Gardens during Birth By Sleep. Because of this, he knows where she would be in case they ever needed to protect her from the world's lights blinking out. Mickey was one of the first to look into it, so you think he would have checked on her, first things first. But the game's gotta have a story, I suppose. If Kairi hadn't merged hearts with Sora, who knows what would have happened.

11 What's Up With All The Sora Clones?

It seems that we get some sort of new 'Sora clone' with every few games. At first, it was Xion, and then Vanitas. While there are story reasons why they are so connected with Sora, it's all either incredibly inconvenient or an odd line of happenings. The creation of Vanitas especially gets very convoluted and depends on a lot of things going exactly to plan. They are loosely connected, Sora and Vanitas. That is what doesn't make sense. Why does Sora have to be connected to everyone in some way?

10 Lea's Storyline Seems Like Fan Service

One of the things that bugs me about the more recent games is the character of Lea, Axel's somebody. While I know Axel was a fan favorite and they didn't want him to go away, it seems like a lazy way to keep him in the story.

Why is Lea a thing?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I have yet to see why Lea is necessary to the story except for the whole "needing 7 keyblade warriors" thing. I guess we'll see if the third game can change my mind.

9 We Need More Information On Organization XIII's Members

Speaking of a member of Organization 13, it sure would be nice to know some of the backgrounds on some of the other members.  If their whole selves can influence who their nobody becomes, it would be incredibly interesting to know what kind of lives they lead before. It might also give some context to their present actions and some idea of what to expect in the future. I'm sure they'd make another spin-off game with that premise and it would sell.

8 What's The Deal With World Borders?

So once upon a time all of the worlds were connected. Then when the heartless came, the worlds were cut off from one another and supposed to expect that theirs was the only planet. My question is, who decided that was a good thing, and why?

What is the purpose of the world borders?

Certainly, we've seen throughout the franchise that more has been able to be accomplished when people work together. Isolating the worlds has left each to their own devices. I wonder if it really isn't more than just story mechanics.

7 How Can Roxas Ever Come Back?

From the imdb page, it lists Jesse McCartney returning to do the voice for both Roxas and Ventus. There are lots of videos talking about why Roxas is back and how. (Keep in mind that I have not watched them in order to save myself from spoilers).  The thing that doesn't make any sense to me is that a nobody could return. If they fused with their others, it seems like it would be pretty hard to come back without a lot of convoluted hems and hahs.

6 Why Are Sora's Feet So Giant?

Something people have been wondering about ever since the very beginning is the design choice of Sora's shoes. Whereas nearly every other character has regular sized feet (including Roxas), Sora seems to have some sort of major foot-related oddity. It has caused problems for theorists, cosplayers, and artists alike. I get it's part of his charm, but it really makes you wonder what other secrets he might be hiding. At least he's in good company with Goofy and Mickey, who also wear pretty large shoes.

5 Roxas And Ventus Look Too Identical

I know it has since been given an in-game answer for the reason why Roxas and Ventus look identical, but it's still kind of crazy to think that everything would work out so perfectly so as to allow Roxas to have his own unique look apart from Sora's.

Why do Ventus and Roxas look so similar?

When we first played the second game, the unique design Roxas had left us all with a lot of questions. Answering questions like this help when there are a lot of spin-offs.

Art by bottlewonderland.

4 What If A Keyblade Wielder Doesn't Want To Fight?

Once again, I know there has been an in-game explanation for how someone passes on their ability to wield the keyblade. It doesn't make much sense though, is all I'm saying. It seems to me (who is still working through Birth By Sleep) that all our three heroes had to do was touch the keyblades of Aqua, Terra, and Ventus.  So what happens when a random person touches it who refuses to fight? Or if they pass without transferring over the ability? The basics were covered, now it'd be nice to have some details.

3 Why Don't Certain Character's Know Eachother?

The only aspect about having Final Fantasy characters in the game mingling with others is that you get characters who should know each other, but either don't, or are searching for their other. You have people in both categories. Take Tidus and Yuna. Yuna is dressed and with her friends from X-2, yet she seems to be unconcerned about where her love could be. Meanwhile, Leon clearly has made some contact with Rinoa (see the letter at the end of the second game? Who else would have sent him pink angel wings in a note?).

2 The Issues Of Time Travel

Hoo boy, time travel can get really complicated. It only makes the convoluted story that is Kingdom Hearts and throws in the kitchen sink. We can guess that Ansem has been messing about in the time stream along the line, as there are a million versions of himself throughout each of the games.

How does Ansem travel through time?

It's getting pretty hard to tell all of them apart and figure out his personal timeline. While he himself is an interesting character, it's hard to pinpoint who he is.

1 If Nobody's Have No Feelings, Why Do They Show Them?

When we were first introduced to nobodies, we learned they were beings without hearts (and somehow still physically alive with nothing to pump fluids around their bodies) who did not feel. Except that we see the nobodies feeling all of the time. Axel's anger flares, Roxas's confusion is a story point, and really, everyone else has their own emotions they carry around the most. It's great because it moves the story along, but it's confusing its own lore. And all of the players.

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