Kingdom Hearts 3 Beginners Guide: Gameplay Tips & Hints To Get Started

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is here at last, and finally players will be able to pick up the long-awaited third main installment in the long-running Square Enix-Disney crossover - and we're here to help players out with some tips, tricks, and hints.

With beloved characters like Sora returning, alongside the duo of Donald Duck and Goofy, it's time to see just how Square Enix plans to take on the behemoth that is the lore of Kingdom Hearts as a whole. That said, there's more than just the mammoth story of Kingdom Hearts to contend with. After all, many players might not have kept up to date with every game in the sprawling, multi-platform series, and as such some users might be a bit lost when they boot the game up for the first time.

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Because of that, a quick guide to the basics of Kingdom Hearts 3 may be beneficial. So, here's a rundown of what gamers should know before they start playing Kingdom Hearts 3. From gameplay basics through to tips on how to progress, here's a beginner's guide to Square Enix's latest game.

Learn How To Fight In Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Hammer

At face value, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a pretty simple game. Players will run around a variety of Disney and Pixar-themed worlds, and every so often drop into a bit of a battle with various evil forces. With just a single attack button and the use of magic, it seems to be a relatively straightforward setup for place.

However, Kingdom Hearts 3 includes a pretty large number of intricacies under the surface. While it may appear simple to a fault, it's very important to pay attention to tutorial screens explaining how the game operates, as throughout the game players will want to pick up these different mechanics. After all, they will be incredibly useful as the game goes on, not just in generic fights but also in boss battles.

Something else that players should take note of is the shortcuts system. Although using magic can be accessed using a menu in-play, this is relatively convoluted and so one of the first things players should do is head to their menus and set up a selection of shortcuts for magic and item use. It will save a lot of time in the long run, allowing quick access to handy magic or healing in a pinch.

Use Attractions Wisely

Kingdom Hearts 3 Attraction

Attractions are a great part of Kingdom Hearts 3. Not only are they a lot of fun to unleash, with each working in a different way and involving a different mode of gameplay, they are also a visual spectacle. Effectively the manifestation of Disney rides, they can wipe out a wave of enemies with ease.

That said, when they are unlocked within a battle they are generally on a timer. Because of this, players should keep an eye on what specials they have ready to go, and make sure that they aren't lost. After all, they can do a lot of damage, even to the most fearsome of foes.

Because of this, they can be extremely handy to unleash when up against a boss if possible. This is partly due to the sheer power of the attraction, but also down to the fact that some of them can do ranged attacks, which comes in handy against hard-to-reach bosses or those that like to move around the arena. Just don't let them slip by.

Learn Your Keyblades

The iconic weapon of Kingdom Hearts is the keyblade, and as players may expect there's plenty of variety to be found in the long runtime of Kingdom Hearts 3. Each keyblade acts differently, with the main difference being the stats variance between physical and magical weapon damage.

However, it's worth looking at more than just the base statistics here. Although that's a solid perk to base a build of Sora around, another major factor in deciding on a keyblade is exactly how it impacts on Sora's overall ability in a fight. After all, each has a different additional form and special that needs to be taken into consideration.

So, even if one keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3 feels like it will suit the build better from a stats perspective, the overall experience will be heavily impacted by whether you find the additional forms handy in a fight. Some aren't as fast, or feel a little clunky, and so it's worth testing out some that don't fit what the player expects. Finding a balance between statistical power and suitability of attack is best.

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