Kingdom Hearts 3: The 15 Strongest Items And Weapons (And the 15 Weakest)

You would be hard-pressed to find a more popular game than Kingdom Hearts III right now. The highly anticipated third game in the main trilogy (not counting the several games made in between Kingdom Hearts II and III), follows the ultimate keyblade master and hero Sora as he travels with allies and friends, Donald Duck and Goofy, across the universe. With the nefarious Organization XIII and Master Xehanort looking to bring about a final battle between light and darkness, Sora must help his friends gather warriors to fight what could be the final battle of the Kingdom Hearts series (at least of the Sora/Dark Seeker series).

With an epic battle like that looming over Sora and his friends, it’s not hard to imagine that the course of the game will require them to power up and become as powerful as they can in order to face their enemies. When facing the overwhelming power of darkness, having the right weapons and items in your disposal is key. Yet not all items and weapons are created equal, and you will need to know which weapons to have once you get to that final battle. A potion for instance is not going to give you the same amount of health as a mega potion. A keyblade from Corona will not have the same power as a keyblade from Arendelle. It’s all a matter of perspective.

That’s why we are going to show you the 15 weakest weapons and items to have in Kingdom Hearts III, (and the 15 strongest). Check it out for yourself and let us know what weapons you had when facing Master Xehanort for the final time.

30 WEAKEST: Mage’s Staff

Like any of the other Kingdom Hearts game, the trio of Donald, Sora, and Goofy all have weapons that they start the games out with, otherwise known as their default weapon. Donald’s default, and the weakest of his weapons, has to be the pitiful Mage’s Staff. Around since the very first Kingdom Hearts game, the staff has a wizard’s hat on a blue and black staff. It has a strength of 3 and a magic score of 4 meaning that Donald won't be doing much heavy lifting early-game.

29 STRONGEST: Heartless Maul+

While the Mage’s Staff may be the weakest of the staffs Donald can wield, it’s not the only staff he can use in battle throughout the game. One of the more powerful of Donald’s weapons, the Heartless Maul+ is the upgraded version of the Heartless Maul.

Created via synthesis, players will need the materials: Illusory Crystal (x1), Damascus (x2), Writhing Crystal (1x), Writhing Gem (2x). Use these with the blueprint at a Moogle Shop store and create a powerful weapon, which has a strength of 8 and a magic score of 6.

28 Knight’s Shield (Weakest)

KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_20190129123051

Now let's take a look at the original weapon of choice for everyone’s favorite and lovable knight of the Disney Kingdom, Goofy. Goofy’s default weapon, the Knight’s Shield showcases Goofy’s inherent characteristic, which is to defend others. Using his strength and forgoing any magic, Goofy is a formidable opponent, yet the sooner you can upgrade his shield, the better. Sporting the classic Mickey Mouse symbol on the shield, this weapon has a strength of 4 and a magic score of 0.

27 STRONGEST: Nobody Guard+

This next piece of weaponry is one of Goofy’s more powerful shields, this weapon is a unique one made via synthesis. Rewarded in the synthesis shop after obtaining 52 different kinds of synthetic materials, the white emblem of the nobodies is surrounded by spikes, creating a truly formidable look to the nobodies in general. This shield has a strength of 8 and a magic score of 0, and provides the abilities of hyper healing and nobody buster, more than making up for Goofy's lack of magic.

26 WEAKEST: Ever After Keyblade

Obtained after completing the Kingdom of Corona level (Disny’s Tangled world), this keyblade wielded by Sora is one of the weaker ones in the entire ggame. With a max strength of 4 and max magical score of 8 (after upgrading), this keyblade’s form change is called Mirage Staff.

This form change allows Sora to glide on the ground, create mirages of himself that fire projectiles as he dodges, and, in it’s final stage, brings Rapunzel’s tower up from the ground and unleashes a powerful blast on enemies. Unfortunately, its damage output just isn't up to snuff.

25 STRONGEST: Hero’s Origin Keyblade

Obtained after defeating and saving the Hercules world, Olympus, Hero’s Origin is a keyblade with a an emphasis on strength. With a strength of 7 and a magical score of 4, this keyblade has a form change called Counter Shield. Giving Sora a powerful counterattack after blocking enemy attacks, the final form of this keyblade allows Pegasus to appear with a chariot, giving Sora the ability to fly around the battlefield and unleashing powerful lightning strikes on his enemies, perfect for players with good reflexes.

24 WEAKEST: Warhammer+ Staff

Donald's next weapon may have a leg up on the Mage Staff, but not much. With a strength of 5 and a magic rating of 4, this Donald Duck weapon is the upgraded version of the Warhammer staff. With a yellow hammer’s head and blue staff, this weapon can be obtained via synthesis. In the Moogle Shop synthesis station, you will need the materials Mythril Stone (2x). Fluorite (1x), Pulsing Gem (1x), Hungry Shard (1x) before you can create this weapon.

23 STRONGEST: Save the Queen+ Staff

Kingdom Hearts 3 Olaf

Considered one of Donald Duck’s most powerful staffs, this weapon has a strength of 6 and a magical score of 9. With a design of white wings, a golden heart in its center, and a purple staff, this weapon is obtained through synthesis.

Along with this weapon’s powerful strength and magic, the weapon brings the abilities Damage Syphon and MP Hastega with it as well, making this Donald’s most formidable weapon in the game, and one of the stronger pieces of equipment in Kingdom Hearts III period.

22 WEAKEST: Clockwork Shield

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

While it has an interesting design, this weapon is considered another of Goofy’s weaker shields. This golden weapon with the inner workings of a clock on full display has a strength of 5 and a magical score of 0. Obtained for 400 munny in the Moogle Shop, this weapon can be upgraded to a Clockwork Shield+ weapon. The original weapon has no abilities attached, but those who upgrade this shield in the synthesis shop will obtain the Aero Syphon and sneeze protection abilities.

21 STRONGEST: Save the King+

While this weapon has no magical strength whatsoever, Goofy proves that with determination and willpower, this weapon can be just as powerful as Donald’s magical staffs. With a strength of 9 and a magical score of 0, this is Goofy’s strongest weapon in the game. With a heart in its center and surrounded by white feathers to complete the design, this weapon can be created via synthesis. In its + form, the weapon can have the Damage Syphon and Stun Protection abilities enabled.

20 WEAKEST: Shield Belt

Weapons are good and all, but Sora, Donald, and Goofy are going to be need some armor on their adventure. These items help add defensive capabilities, magical boosts, and even boosts in AP, or ability points. Although it may be easy to forget about these items while enjoying the story being told, it’s important to have these pieces of armor, especially when save points are spread out far apart from one another. The weakest of all the armor sets has to be the Shield Belt. Found in a treasure chest in Olympus, this belt has a defensive score of 1.

19 STRONGEST: Cosmic Chain

One of the more powerful armor sets in the game has to be the Cosmic Chain. The original piece of armor is found after clearing the battle portal in San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6 world). However, if players want the most powerful version of this armor, they can obtain it in the synthesis shop as a reward for shooting over 65 lucky emblems in the game.

Players with this final form gain the following stats to their character: Defense: 5 Fire Resistance: 20%, Blizzard Resistance: 20%, Thunder Resistance: 20%, Water Resistance: 20% and Aero Resistance: 20%.

18 WEAKEST: Defense Belt

This is yet another example of a piece of armor that can be found pretty early on in the game, and doesn’t boast much of a defensive score. Only slightly better than the Shield Belt, this piece of armor is only boasting a strength level of 2. Obtained while in the Kingdom of Corona level (Tangled world), this belt can be found in one of the many treasure chests players will encounter in the woodland areas of the game world.

17 STRONGEST: Mask Rosette

A powerful piece of armor, this item can be found as a photo mission reward after you take a photo of the chief puff. Collecting this armor, you will gain a defense of 2, an Aero resistance of 20%, a Dark resistance of 10% and the ability Sneeze Protection, perfect the current world. It’s that dark resistance that is most helpful, especially when later in the game Sora and his friends embark on their galactic saving mission against the darkness.

16 WEAKEST: Guardian Belt

No, this isn’t the Kingdom Hearts team playing around with some MCU references. Continuing the list of weak belts worn by the heroes of the game, we now explore the Guardian Belt. With a strength of 3, this belt is another lucky find that players will hopefully come across in their travels. While in the world of Hercules, Olympus, players will come across a treasure chest with this piece of armor in there waiting for them. The Guardian Belt can be fairly useful early on, but it won't take long for it to lose its luster.

15 STRONGEST: Hero’s Belt

This next piece of armor is quite unique, as it’s a reward for finding all of the rare items in a game world. We are talking about the Hero’s Belt from the world of Olympus, the world based on the Greek hero and Disney star Hercules, this belt is rewarded after finding all 5 of the golden Hercules statues within that world.

Since this belt is meant to embody the strength and heroism of none other than Hercules himself, it’s no wonder this is such a powerful and highly coveted piece of armor. Rare considering it's a belt in the Kingdom Hearts series.

14 WEAKEST: Cosmic Belt+

This just goes to show you that names can be very deceiving in this game. Not to be mistaken for the Cosmic Chain we mentioned earlier, this item, albeit filled with great power, is one of the weaker pieces of armor in the game. Rewarded after defeating the second battle portal in Olympus, this armor brings a defensive score of 6, 10% fire resistance, blizzard resistance of 10%, 10% thunder resistance, 10% water resistance, 10% aero resistance, and finally 10% of dark resistance.

13 STRONGEST: Hero’s Glove

Where the Hero’s Belt is a result of collecting items in Olympus, this next piece of armor is known as the Hero’s Glove and is a result of surviving and helping defeat a powerful wave of enemies. During your travels in San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6 world), you’ll have to defeat the Dark Cube alongside Big Hero 6. Doing this, you’ll receive a powerful glove that will make Sora a force to be reckoned with, giving him the following stat increases: Defense: 4, Fire Resistance: 20%, Blizzard Resistance: 20% Dark Resistance: 10%, and an Item Boost.

12 WEAKEST: Buster Band+

This next piece of armor comes not from any battle or mission, but rather from collecting items and/or taking pictures. By either collecting 50 synthetic items or by taking photos of over 35 lucky emblems, players can collect this piece of armor. Bringing a defensive score of 5, 10% fire resistance, 10% blizzard resistance, 10% thunder resistance, 10% water resistance, and finally 10% aero resistance, this piece of armor is shockingly one of the weaker items in this armor list.

11 STRONGEST: Royal Ribbon

Considered to be the strongest piece of armor you can find in the game, this Royal Ribbon is one rewarded to the player. If you manage to shoot over 70 lucky emblems in the game using Sora’s gummi phone, you will be rewarded the Royal Ribbon.

The armor boasts a defensive score of 4, 40% fire resistance, 40% blizzard resistance, 40% thunder resistance, 40% water resistance, 40% aero resistance, and finally a 40% dark resistance, coming in handy during that final battle with the darkness.

10 WEAKEST: Fire Bangle

Despite its fiery name, the Fire Bangle doesn’t have much power. Either found in the Toy Box level (Toy Story World), or created after finding 2 synthetic materials, the Fire Bangle is one of the weaker pieces of armor with an emphasis on a specific magical power. Using the fire spell, this bangle has a defensive score of 2, a fire resistance of 20%, and utilizes the ability fire syphon, making it a truly weak piece of armor to wear.

9 STRONGEST: Mega Potion

Having a good item on hand in the middle of a fight is important to surviving the Heartless and Nobodies in this game. The strongest item to have on hand is definitely the Mega Potion, which not only gives an HP restoration to players, but has another unique strength. Not only does it grant 160 HP, but it does so to the entire team, which definitely comes in handy when in boss battles and your teammates begin falling one by one, leaving you alone to face them.

8 WEAKEST: Potion

While this next item can come in handy in a last ditch effort or emergency, it’s hardly the item you want in a long standing battle. Although handy in a pinch, items in the game are a hit and miss thing. Items are things players use for Sora and his friends while in the heat of battle, when magic is low and enemies aren’t dropping as much HP or MP. The weakest of them all has to be the basic Potion, which grants the user a restoration of 80 HP when used.

7 STRONGEST: Kingdom Key

There’s nothing quite like a classic, is there? The Kingdom Key is the original and default weapon not only of this game, but of the entire series.

This is the Keyblade that fans were introduced to after Sora was torn away from his home of Destiny Islands, and it hasn’t gone away since. Sora’s first keyblade has a strength of 7 and a magical score of 7. While no special form change happens, it does unlock the second form for Sora, which enhance his attacks. It also provides the abilities Treasure Magnet and form Change Extender.

6 WEAKEST: Crystal Snow Keyblade

While obtained in a fan favorite world and boasting some impressive form change attacks, the Crystal Snow Keyblade is considered one of the weaker key blades you can obtain. Given to Sora after defeating the Arendelle level (Frozen world), this weapon boasts a strength of 4 and a magical score of 8, and places quite a bit of emphasis on freeze protection. Its form change comes with blizzard claws, blizzard blades, and a finishing attack that summons a giant ice crystal that attacks enemies.

5 STRONGEST: Favorite Deputy Keyblade

This keyblade is quite special, as it embodies one of Disney’s most classic friendships, Woody and Buzz. That would be Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story fame.

After defeating the Toy Box level with these characters inhabiting the Toy Story world, you’ll get this keyblade for Sora, which boasts a strength of 8 and a magical score of 5. Using the lucky strike and form change extender abilities, this weapon’s form changes include the hyper hammer, drill punch and a finishing attack that utilizes a claw that throws around enemies and unleashes a powerful ground attack.

4 WEAKEST: Shooting Star Keyblade

This next keyblade can be found pretty early in the game. Given to Sora after completing the introductory world of Twilight Town, this weapon boasts a strength of 5 and a magical score of 7. Using the magic treasure magnet and form change extender abilities, this weapon features form change modes like the double arrow guns which fire projectiles at enemies, and a magic launcher that uses magic as a powerful grenade like launcher, and also allows Sora to glide around the battlefield.

3 STRONGEST: Classic Tone Keyblade

With a strength of 6 but a magical score of 9, this keyblade is unique in that it’s collected in an unusual way. Instead of being given after defeating a specific world, this keyblade is rewarded for completing all 23 of the Gummi Phone mini games that you can collect throughout the game. With the ability MP Haste, the player’s form changes include a wide area attack known as the boom hammer, a mobile attack called the clock drill, and a final attack that summons a large cog to the center of the battlefield, damaging enemies in the process. This final form change is best used when collecting multiple enemies in one area.

2 WEAKEST: Grand Chef Keyblade

This keyblade is also unique, if not a bit silly, for it’s rewarded not for any battle or mission, but for making the restaurant in Twilight Town get a 5-star rating. This mini game revolving around Ratatouille, the hit Disney-Pixar film, utilizes ingredients from around the worlds to create unique dishes. With a strength of 5 and a magical score of 7, this weapon has the ability Wizard Star and boasts a form change known as Frying Pan. The frying pan form change has quick combos, guarding while moving, flame bursts, and a flame tornado, with a finishing move that smashes the ground and any enemies in it’s path with a giant skillet.

1 Ultima Weapon Keyblade (Strongest)

The most powerful weapon in the game, this keyblade boasts a strength and magical score of 13 each. Gained in the synthesis workshop utilizing the following ingredients, Orichalcum+ (x7), Wellspring Crystal (x2), Lucid Crystal (x2), Pulsing Crystal (x2), this weapon has the abilities Combo, Air Combo, and Situation Boosts. This weapon’s only form change is the Ultimate form, which grants Sora powerful abilities like teleportation, combo master, leaf bracer, second chance, once more, MP Hastera, and Overcome.

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