Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC TGS 2019 Trailer Debuts

The new Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer debuts, featuring a number of the series' most popular characters and huge clashes.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Trailer TGS 2019

A new Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC trailer for Tokyo Game Show 2019 has debuted, showcasing some of the series' most popular characters embroiled in several high-profile clashes with their respective rivals. Kingdom Hearts 3 released to rave reviews early this year in January, with critics praising the game's high attention to detail, gorgeous graphics, and true-to-form Disney recreations as some of the biggest draws to the title.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was supposed to wrap up the story of Sora, Kairi, and Riku, the three protagonists who began their journey in Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2 and have since appeared in a slew of spin-offs and sequels leading up to the third main entry's release in 2019. While the game did certainly tie up some loose ends, it was revealed by game director Tetsuya Nomura that there will be a fourth game in the series as well, and scheduled paid DLC will continue Sora and crew's story beyond the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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The first of that DLC, Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind, will release in winter 2020, and received its first trailer as part of Tokyo Game Show 2019. The trailer, which was shared by the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, is exactly what fans of the series would probably expect - a bizarre stitching together of disparate plot points and character arcs, strung together with epic orchestral music and terse, cryptic exchanges between protagonists that only vaguely hint at what's coming in the DLC. That's not a bad thing, of course - it's actually what many people have come to love about Kingdom Hearts - and it certainly sets the stage for a captivating, meaningful DLC launch when Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind hits in early 2020.

Those looking for clues can certainly catch a glimpse of some major battles in store for Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind, including a showdown between Aqua and Xehanort. Sora discusses the status of Kairi's heart, which indicates her story isn't over yet, either - while a fan favorite in Axel features heavily in a battle amongst other Organization XIII members. The production quality looks great, and none of the character's plot lines look remotely like they're throwaway stories, so the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind trailer looks for all the world like it is the first glimpse at some of the most important franchise content yet.

That's good news for Kingdom Hearts 3 fans. The Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind trailer suggest some strong future content in the works for a game that already performed well for Square Enix, but anyone hoping for a quick turnaround on a Kingdom Hearts 4 is likely to be disappointed. There was a massive gulf in time between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3, and Nomura wants to do at least one spin-off before pursuing another sequel. Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind will be the beginning of the end of the Kingdom Hearts 3 narrative arc, but it looks like it will be going out in style, with potentially more story to be told in future paid DLC as well.

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Source: Kingdom Hearts/Twitter

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