Kingdom Hearts 3's First Paid DLC is ReMIND

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC Reveal

The first paid DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 has reportedly been revealed, and it is titled ReMIND. Kingdom Hearts 3 launched in January, and the highly anticipated Critical Mode was implemented recently.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was one of the biggest releases of 2019. Its development history is fascinating to look at, with the game becoming something of a legend for taking a number of years to release. After what seemed like an eternity in a development cycle that saw several spin-offs and side stories released in the interim, Kingdom Hearts 3 finally concludes Sora's conflict with Organization XIII, bringing the game's confusing and convoluted narrative full circle. Kingdom Hearts 3 notably also introduces popular Disney worlds, such as Toy Story and Frozen, into the series, following in the footsteps of its predecessors' introductions of worlds like Pirates of the Caribbean.

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During the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert in Japan, news of Kingdom Hearts 3's first paid DLC was revealed. According to one attendee, a Twitter user named YanilynGaming, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura took to the stage to announce the ReMIND DLC. According to Yanilyn, the paid part of the DLC will feature a new scenario, a "Limit Episode + Boss," and a "Secret Episode + Boss." In addition, the Japanese version of the game will be getting an English option for voiceovers. A further free DLC update will introduce a new Keyblade and new form for Sora for everyone.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode

Although the DLC may sound like a Final Mix package, Nomura originally said the Kingdom Hearts 3 team plans to implement DLC as additional content. As for when Square Enix will officially announce ReMIND, Yanilyn says more information will arrive around June. The timing of that new information suggests that it will happen during E3 2019, which takes place this June and will feature a presentation from Square Enix, which took Sony's place after the latter bowed out of the proceedings.

The storyline of Kingdom Hearts is not particularly easy to summarize, with many plot developments, twists, and characters spanning the series. Still, many would agree that Kingdom Hearts 3 finishes the core tale in a satisfactory manner and even leaves some room open for new stories. With a new scenario, and a secret episode, the upcoming paid Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC seems like it's going to be worth shelling out for, and could shed some more light on the direction of the franchise heading into the future.

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Source: YanilynGaming/Twitter

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