'Kingdom Hearts 3' Will Feature 'Big Hero 6' World

Kingdom Hearts III is the forthcoming, and long anticipated, third sequel to the original cross-over concept developed and published by Square Enix in 2002. As the ninth installment in the long-running franchise, the impending title will be the first Kingdom Hearts entry to be made available on Microsoft platforms, as opposed to previous installments available only on Sony Computer Entertainment systems and through Nintendo.

The original Kingdom Hearts was a creative collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios that blended an original cast of characters with the films of Walt Disney Studios and the twin Square Enix franchises Final Fantasy and The World Ends with You; and based on new information from producer Roy Conli of Walt Disney Animation Studios, fans of the recent mega-hit Big Hero 6 will be in for a treat when series-protagonist Sora's latest adventure hits store shelves in December 2015.

In the video featured above, Conli, after referring to the previously announced inclusion of other studio-owned IP Tangled, made it known that Big Hero 6 would also have its own featured world in the new game from Square Enix. Highlighting the animation studio's work in blending the iconic cities of San Francisco and Tokyo together in their film, Conli went on to state that the twin themes of friendship and light overcoming darkness were shared in both the Disney Animation Studios' film and the multi-platform gaming franchise, thus citing the mirroring natures of both fictive entities. Conli also states that Sora will enter into a world in the game that will be continuous with the conclusion of the events depicted in the feature film of 2014.

Big Hero 6 sequel may happen

For many moviegoers, the idea of re-entering the world that introduced minds (both young and old alike) to the childish whimsy of the Baymax character should be a welcome diversion. As an added bonus for those die-hard fans of the Kingdom Hearts series that have stuck with it for over ten years, such news should be doubly exciting for fans who have grown to appreciate the detail and imaginative scope that Square Enix has displayed in the past in appropriating and reimagining previously conceived (and fully realized) animated realms.

After the credits began to roll at the end of Big Hero 6 last year, many viewers no doubt might have wished to have seen what would happen next to Disney's new team of masked vigilantes. Until a full-blown, animated sequel is officially announced by Disney Animation Studios, however, Square Enix's forthcoming video game title should tide Baymax fans over.

Kingdom Hearts III will hit shelves in participating retailers in the U.S. on December 31st, 2015.

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

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