10 Things That Make No Sense About King Of Queens

King Of Queens made a lot of people laugh for nine seasons. But as great as that show could be at times, when fans re-watch it, it is not hard for them to spot some things that just don’t add up. From the same faces popping up as different characters to their pet randomly disappearing, there are a lot of mysteries when it comes to King Of Queens.

But it seems that some of these strange events happened on purpose. Actor Patton Oswalt, who played Spence Olchin on the series, has actually spoken about this before. Apparently, the writers intended to put some strange things in the show, but that doesn’t mean they made sense. Here are some things about King Of Queens that made no sense.

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10 Spence Was Motionless For Three Minutes

During the nineteenth episode of season eight, Spence can be seen standing completely still for three minutes. This episode is called “Emotional Rollercoaster,” and it is about Doug Heffernan’s 40th birthday.

While the rest of the Heffernan’s friends and family members can be seen celebrating Doug’s birthday, Spence just stands there for a few minutes without moving or speaking. This is one of those things that was done on purpose, but there was literally no reason for it, so it doesn’t make much sense. The creators of the show wanted him to stand there to see if anyone else would notice it.

9 The Sackskys Return

Doug and Carrie’s neighbors, the Sackskys, made a random and unexpected return to the show during the twenty-second episode of the third season of King Of Queens. During the previous season, the couple packed up all of their things and left after they had scammed the Heffernans by getting them involved in a pyramid scheme.

But in an episode called “Swim Neighbors,” they became a part of the show again. What makes it even more weird is the fact that no one ever says anything about what happened in the previous season. Scamming someone is a big deal, so it seems odd that it never came up again.

8 They Have Pictures Of Random Children On Their Refrigerator

Throughout the show, Doug and Carrie have pictures of children on their refrigerator, but the issue is that those kids do not seem to have any connection with them whatsoever. Those children are also not related to any of their friends, either, so this is just another loose end in King Of Queens.

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In fact, this is even addressed in one of the show’s episodes. It seems pretty likely that the kids in the images are related to some of the show’s crew members in real life, but that’s just a theory. Even if that is the case, this is still odd.

7 They Had A Dog That Disappeared

At one point in the show, the Heffernans get a dog named Stanley, but for some reason, Stanley only appeared on a few episodes before he mysteriously vanished. After he disappeared, it was almost like he was never there in the first place.

It is a bit weird that they never bring the dog up again, even after they introduce a character who walks dogs for a living. Stanley originally belonged to Doug and Carrie’s neighbors, the Sackskys. After he lived with the Heffernans for a little while, the canine was never a part of the show again, so fans are curious about what happened to him.

6 Carrie’s Second Boss Looked Exactly Like Her Old One

The writers of King Of Queens must not have thought anyone would notice the fact that Carrie had two different bosses that were played by the same man. Actor Victor Raider-Wexler appeared as Carrie’s boss at the law firm she worked at, which was called Kaplan, Hornstein, & Steckler.

He also appeared as her boss when she worked at a real estate firm, even though that character was a totally different person. The first boss he played was named Mr. Kaplan, and the second character he played on the show was named Mr. Kaufman. Having the same person appear as two different characters is a little confusing.

5 Carrie Had A Half-Sister

Carrie had a half-sibling at the beginning of the show, but that did not last long. Fans who saw the first season of King Of Queens might remember that Carrie was not an only child, and her sister’s name was Sara Spooner.

Supposedly, Sara was an aspiring actress who was not very responsible. But the writers couldn’t really think of anything to do with her, so they cut her out of the show. Apparently, the creators decided to pretend as though she never even existed, since there are many episodes that mention Carrie being an only child. Sara’s disappearance never made any sense since the writers never gave her a reason to leave.

4 Doug Also Had A Sister

King Of Queens was weird when it comes to siblings, since Doug randomly got one shortly after Carrie’s was written off of the show. In the third season of the show, Doug’s sister, Stephanie Heffernan, is brought into the series, but she only appeared in six episodes throughout the whole series.

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But they didn’t get cut Stephanie out like they did with Sara. Doug did mention having a sister in later episodes of the show. But since Carrie’s sister was such a big deal in the first season, it is kind of odd that the writers never had Doug mention the fact that he also had a sister until three seasons into the show.

3 Richie Mysteriously Vanished

Richie Iannucci was another character that was randomly cut out of King Of Queens. He appeared on the series frequently until the third season, and he was never seen or spoken of again after that.

The creators of the show took him off because the actor who played him, Larry Romano (who is not related to Ray Romano), wanted to work on another project at the time. That is understandable, but they still could have done a better job of wrapping up his character’s storyline. Instead, fans were simply left to wonder about what happened to Richie. But the character can be seen during the flashbacks that are shown at the end of the series.

2 Spence Did Not Always Have A Peanut Allergy

Spence’s peanut allergy was never mentioned on the show until the fourth season. But the reason why that does not make any sense is because during the first season, there is an episode where Spence can be seen eating Peanut M&M’s, which is obviously something he could not do if he was actually allergic to peanuts.

Spence’s peanut allergy even earns him a nickname. After he told one of the other characters on the show about his allergy, they began referring to him as the “scaredinator.” It seems that the writers only added his allergy to the show to get a quick laugh.

1 The Details About How Doug And Carrie Met Are Uncertain

Some episodes of King Of Queens suggest that Doug and Carrie met each other at a club, while others suggest that they knew each other while they were in high school. This makes no sense, and it seems as though the creators of the show didn’t think the viewers would pick up on the fact that Doug and Carrie have multiple stories about how they met one another.

Another character on the show thought that Carrie met Doug at camp when she was a child, but that actually turned out to be his cousin, Danny. Even though that story was explained, the writers should have cleared up the confusion on how the Heffernans met.

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