10 Dark King of the Hill Theories That Change Everything

These King of the Hill theories will change the way you watch the animated series, if they're ever proven to be true. The hit Fox show first debuted back in 1997, telling the story of the Hill family based out of the fictional Texas city of Arlen. Created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, King of the Hill ran for 13 seasons on the network before it concluded. Judge and Daniels were only heavily involved through the first four seasons and slowly began stepping away after - so that they could deliver comedies like Silicon Valley and The Office respectively.

Over the course of its run, King of the Hill really fleshed out the stories of the Hill family and their group of friends, as every writer on the series attempted to find some levity in the regular life of mild-mannered propane salesman, Hank Hill. There's his wife Peggy, their son Bobby, the niece Luanne, and neighbors like Dale, Bill, and Jeff. Although the series mostly put a nice bow on all of their stories, fans have since developed some theories that could totally change how they're viewed.

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we take a look at ten King of the Hill theories that fans have thought about over the years. Most of them are pulled from small pieces of information that show just how different some of these characters could've been. Of course, these are just fan theories and have yet to be given any merit by those involved with the show, but check out the video at the top of this post for the full list.

King of the Hills Characters

Starting off with the Hill family, there are several theories mentioned here that would change each of them, but also the family dynamics. One of the more troubling ones is that Peggy suffered brain damage from a terrible fall she had when her parachute didn't deploy while skydiving, which resulted in her narcissism and more becoming more prevalent. In that same vein, some fans even think that Hank has un-diagnosed OCD.

But, one of the wilder theories claims Hal is actually another one of Hank's half-brothers born from Cotton, who some believe even faked his own death to torture Hank. One theory that would really shake up the Hill household though is if Bill was indeed revealed to be Bobby's biological father, as a result of an affair with Peggy. This could possibly split an otherwise happy marriage between Hank and Peggy, so let's hope that one isn't true. These are but a few of the theories listed and only begins to tackle all the King of the Hill theories that have developed though, and hopefully some of these can be confirmed as legit or debunked eventually, or maybe further explored if the possible revival ever happens.

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