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The latest cinematic take on the legend of King Arthur is due to hit cinemas this May, as Guy Ritchie brings his unique style to the classic myth. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, which stars Charlie Hunnam as the potential king, has been pushed back from its original release date in March, prompting some fans to wonder about how much faith Warner Bros. has in the project. It's a bit of a gamble, given the past failures of King Arthur movies, but having big names like Richie and Hunnam on this project may well be enough to make it a success. It certainly helps that the trailers so far look impressive -- offering one full length trailer and one teaser trailer that show off Ritchie's signature style.

Now we know that at least one more trailer is on the horizon, as details on the runtime and classification for this next peek at the film emerges.

The BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification) released the details of the trailer, including runtime and rating. The trailer will be two minutes and twelve seconds long, and has received a rating of 12A. The BBFC gives no information on when the trailer might be released.

The BBFC has a slightly different rating system than the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), which doesn't include a 12A option. This would be comparable to somewhere in between A PG and a PG-13 for US audiences, although there is no direct US equivalent. This is a common rating for a trailer, as it allows the trailer to be shown on television at any time of day. For comparison, the R-rated Logan also has a trailer rated 12A by the BBFC.


The most interesting part of this news isn't necessarily the rating itself, but the news that another trailer may be on its way very soon. We can expect this new trailer to drop within the next couple of weeks, and it will hopefully come as the start of a more aggressive marketing campaign for such a risky film. Now that the film is closer to release, we can see some more of the special effects and CGI-heavy scenes that balance out this fantasy epic. We're also hoping to see a little more of Jude Law as Vortigern, who has only been shown in glimpses of so far.

Of course, this new information doesn't say what will be in the new trailer or when, exactly, it will drop. While it's nice to have the confirmation that another trailer is coming soon, there was little doubt that another one would be on the way ahead of the film's release. It also doesn't give any clues about the potential rating for the film itself -- as we pointed out, a majority of trailers are 12A (or lower) to allow them to reach a wider audience, and it doesn't affect how the film is rated as a whole.


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