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New posters for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword feature Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) and the unnamed Mage (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey). The Guy Ritchie vehicle is the latest big screen adaptation of the legend of King Arthur, hitting theaters in just over a month. Starring Hunnam as the titular hero, the Born King, and Jude Law as his nemesis King Vortigern, it's a star-studded look at the legend that promises to combine high fantasy with Ritchie's inimitable street style.

Thus far, trailers, TV spots and promo images have focused on Arthur and King Vortigern, setting up the central conflict and capitalizing on Hunnam's popularity. However, these are not the only two main characters in the film - Arthur has his own friends and allies, as does Vortigern, and we'll be seeing a lot of them during this epic tale. Now, a new set of posters puts a new face front and center, that of the mysterious Mage.

Two new posters have been released today by Warner Bros, one showing Arthur and one the Mage. The Arthur poster shows Hunnam in a fur-trimmed coat, holding Excalibur in front of him with the writing on it clearly visible. The poster has the film title across the center, and the tagline, "From Nothing Comes a King" at the bottom. The second poster features a close up of Bergès-Frisbey wearing a hooded cloak, with the words "From Myth To Legend" across her face.

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The Mage poster is done in the same style as an earlier poster of Hunnam as Arthur, with gold words across a desaturated close up of a character's face. Hunnam's poster read "From Nothing Comes a King' instead of 'From Myth to Legend', however.

The Mage hasn't been featured very much in trailers before now, so we don't yet know a lot about her. Her name isn't listed anywhere either, so she is currently known only as The Mage. She does appear to be on Arthur's side in this battle, and has been seen in footage so far as travelling with him in the woods, (where she tells him that he should be afraid. She also asks him if he has seen what he needed to, presumably helping him remember his early childhood, and talking to someone else about "giving him something big" (the sword Excalibur?). She is always seen in her cloak, and her powers have yet to be directly shown, although one shot does see her with her eyes glowing with magic.

It's great to see a poster focusing on one of the other characters, especially on a female character, which brings a little more balance to the film. Given the time period, it is unlikely that there will be too many powerful women in the movie, but the legends do involve several magical women (most notably, Morgan Le Fey and the Lady of the Lake). The mysterious Mage may even be one of these characters herself. The poster doesn't tell us anything new, however, so we'll just have to wait until May to find out exactly who this woman is.

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  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) release date: May 12, 2017
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