King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Clip Reveals David Beckham's Cameo

The latest clip from Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword features a cameo appearance by the sports icon David Beckham.

Charlie Hunnam in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The latest clip from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword offers a sneak peek at sports icon David Beckham's cameo appearance in the film. Directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Charlie Hunnam as the eponymous figure of British folklore and history, Legend of the Sword aims to put a fresh spin on the timeless tale of medieval heroism that is the King Arthur legend. Ritchie does appear to have put his own distinct take on the Arthurian mythology here, judging by the footage from Legend of the Sword that has been revealed to the movie-loving masses, thus far.

With preview ticket sales already selling out ahead of Legend of the Sword's debut in theaters, fans of previous iterations of the Arthurian legend on the big screen may want to make sure they book their tickets in advance of stepping up to the box office to procure them. Hunnam definitely strikes a dashing figure as the young King Arthur in Ritchie's new movie, and the latest clip from the film also reveals the appearance of another well-known celebrity personality.

The latest Legend of the Sword clip released online (see the video above) offers a look at real-life former English soccer superstar David Beckham's cameo appearance in Ritchie's film. As illustrated here, Beckham pops up in Legend of the Sword as an especially gruff fellow knight who admonishes Hunnam as Arthur to grip the hilt of the sword Excalibur with "Both hands," as part of a larger manhunt to find the one who is prophesied to become the next king.

Charlie Hunnam in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

This latest clip from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword paints the picture of Hunnam as Arthur ever larger, only this time his impoverished upbringing and working class roots are given full attention. Whereas past trailers have heightened the extent to which Arthur will eventually become a romantic hero of countless victories, Ritchie's film will obviously pay primary attention to his humble origin story.

Only time will tell whether or not King Arthur: Legend of the Sword manages to win over critics and general audiences, but with any luck Ritchie's peculiar cinematic vision behind the camera will result in an adaptation of the source material unlike anything else that'd been seen on the big screen before. For now, here's to hoping for the very best later this week, when Hunnam makes his way to U.S. theaters as the young King Arthur.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Key Release Dates
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) release date: May 12, 2017
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