'Kindergarten Cop' Remake in Development at Universal Pictures

Kindergarten Cop Remake in Development

Often it seems every popular movie from the last few decades (and beyond in some cases) is receiving the remake, reboot, or relaunch treatment. Recent years have seen movies from multiple genres get remakes for a new generation to varying levels of success. However, even more are in various stages of development at multiple studios, such as supernatural teen flick The Craft, historical drama Ben-Hur, and cult hit Big Trouble in Little China.

While some fan-favorite films are finding new life on television, a beloved '90s action-comedy will be remade for the direct-to-video audience. Universal Pictures is currently working on a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring Kindergarten Cop, which followed an undercover police officer posing as a kindergarten teacher in order to take down a drug dealer.

Showbiz 411 is reporting that Universal's 1440 division, the branch responsible for direct-to-DVD sequels, will produce the remake of Kindergarten Cop with some notable changes to the story. Schwarzenegger's replacement will be "a leading man type with an Indian sidekick named Sanjit." The partners are looking for a missing flash drive from the Federal Witness protection program that has ended up in the kindergarten class. Not to worry, though; Albanian bad guys and a beautiful fellow teacher are also involved.

Don Michael Paul, who directed previous direct-to-video sequel Jarhead 2: Field of Fire for Universal, will helm the remake from a script by David H. Steinberg (American Pie 2). Additionally, according to the report, this may be a jumping off point for a potential Kindergarten Cop television series.

Kindergarten Cop Remake Arnold Schwarzenegger

While the possibility of a TV show based on the film sounds more like speculation than a true report, the Kindergarten Cop remake seems to be receiving the standard remake-and-update treatment from those experienced in direct-to-video sequels. It will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire of those that claim Hollywood has run out of ideas, but unlike the other remakes coming down the pipeline, Universal isn't positioning Kindergarten Cop to be a box office hit - or a box office release at all.

Though Kindergarten Cop may be a favorite '90s comedy for some, it doesn't seem Universal is confident in the film's nostalgia or big screen appeal to draw in box office revenue. At the very least, fans of the original who don't want to see a theatrically-released remake and moviegoers hoping for more original big screen features can both take comfort in one less remake hitting theaters in the coming years.

Will you be checking out the direct-to-video remake of Kindergarten Cop? How do you feel about the prospect of a TV series? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Showbiz 411

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