Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Kim Possible

Kim Possible

Before there were smartphones, there was the Kimmunicator. With it, Kim Possible could be called (or beeped) to save the day. This month marks a decade since her last adventure in the Kim Possible series finale, and though the tech has changed, fans' love for the story has not. Even after all of these years, KP is still as iconic as ever.

The show ran for almost exactly five years on Disney Channel, debuting on June 7, 2002 and airing its finale on September 7, 2007. It was initially set to end after The Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama, but when fans clamored for more, it was picked up for a fourth and final season. It almost got the live action treatment, but the idea was eventually scrapped. To this day, Kim Possible remains one of the network's most successful shows ever.

Kim was a heroine in a league of her own. She managed to save the world on a number of occasions, all while balancing homework, cheerleading, and a social life. With such an original story concept, pulling in a star-studded cast was so not the drama. So, it's time to grab a "naco," and see what the cast is up to today.

Here is Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Kim Possible.

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15 Christy Carlson Romano (Kim Possible)

Christy Carlson Romano has always played strong heroines, but Kim Possible might've been her best. Still, she's been busy since the show wrapped in 2007.

Romano went on to star in ABC Family's The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing The Dream, along with a few other television movies, but has mostly stuck to independent films. In 2008, she returned to her stage roots, starring in Avenue Q. More recently, though, she is dabbling in directing. Her holiday film Christmas All Over Again – starring Joey Lawrence and Todrick Hall – came out in 2016.

In 2013, Romano married her college sweetheart Brendan Rooney. However, the biggest news on KP is that she's now a mom. Romano and her husband welcomed a daughter, Isabella Victoria, on Christmas Eve of 2016.

14 Will Friedle (Ron Stoppable)

Before he was Ron Stoppable, MVP of BFFs, Will Friedle was Eric Matthews, Cory's quirky older brother on Boy Meets World.

Friedle reprised his role as Eric Matthews/Plays With Squirrels on Girl Meets World, bringing his unique comic abilities back to screens and trying his hand at screenwriting for a few episodes. There are rumors swirling his Twitter that fans might see Eric again, perhaps in his own series, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Since lending his voice to Ron Stoppable, Will Friedle has found steady work as a voice actor, becoming well-known in the field. He voiced Batman Beyond's Terry McGinnis, along with Nightwing in Batman Unlimited. He also guest starred in Critical Role as Kashaw Vesh, and has reprised the role several times.

He's also taken on the role of husband, revealing his marriage last year via Twitter, and is a happy dog dad.

13 Raven Symoné (Monique)

Ron Stoppable was the ultimate BFF, but he wasn't the only one. The writers eventually felt that Kim needed a number one best friend aside from Ron, and so they created Monique. The role ended up going to Raven Symoné, which was ironic, considering her costar Anneliese van der Pol originally turned down the role of Kim.

After wrapping That's So Raven and Kim Possible in the same year, Raven went on to star in College Road Trip. She received her own TV series again in 2011, called State of Georgia on then ABC Family. The show only survived one season, and Raven stuck to voice acting until appearing for a short stint on Empire in 2015.

Raven had a brief run as a host on The View, but left to return to Disney Channel. She is now starring in Raven's Home, a spinoff of her own series That's So Raven.

12 Jean Smart (Mrs. Possible)

In the genetic lottery, Kim Possible basically struck gold. Her father was a rocket scientist and her mother was a neurosurgeon. Kim even got help from parents on a few missions. Jean Smart was the actress who brought Mrs. Possible to life, just one of the several huge names that starred in the series.

Since Kim Possible ended, Smart has continued to land iconic roles in shows like 24 and Fargo. Now, she's back as a doctor, starring opposite Dan Stevens in FX's Legion – a series taking place in the world of Marvel's X-Men – portraying Melanie Bird. The character mirrors the role of Dr. Xavier in the X-Men storyline.

Smart also starred in Awaken the Shadowman this year, a psychological thriller that terrified even her.

11 Tahj Mowry (Wade Load)

Behind every great hero is a great, albeit less active, tech genius. Batman had Lucius Fox, and Kim Possible had Wade. He would brief Kim and Ron on each mission, and always had the latest gadget hookup for the duo. Voiced by Tahj Mowry, Wade was a key member of the team. Mowry loved the character as much as fans did, posting a tribute to Wade on the 15th anniversary of the Kim Possible pilot.

Of course, prior to KP, Tahj appeared on several fan-favorite shows, like Full House, and Friends. However, after his time on Kim Possible, Mowry had a brief acting lull. In 2012, Mowry hit the spotlight again, this time as Tucker Dobbs in ABC Family's – now Freeform – hit comedy Baby Daddy.

He's also pursued his music career, releasing his debut EP Future Funk in 2015. Mowry is also an uncle now; his sister Tia had a son in 2011, and Tamera has a 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.

10 Nicole Sullivan (Shego)

Like Kim Possible had Ron Stoppable, Dr. Drakken had Shego. On the villain side of things, Shego really should have been running the show, but her biting sarcasm toward Drakken was a major highlight of the show. That sass came courtesy of Nicole Sullivan's voice talents.

Since even before Kim Possible, Sullivan has voiced several characters on Family Guy, where she continues to work today. Outside voice acting, she appeared alongside Leslie Mann and Zac Efron in 17 Again, and had a short arc in the hit medical comedy Scrubs.

She briefly had her own series on Lifetime called Rita Rocks, and continued voice acting with Nickelodeon's Penguins of Madagascar. Now, she's starring in Netflix's newest series DisjointedShe plays a regular customer at Kathy Bates' medical marijuana dispensary.

9 John DiMaggio (Dr. Drakken)

Of all the villains Kim Possible faced off with, Dr. Drakken was the one that just kept coming back. He was always a bit discombobulated, but he always had a plan. Drakken's blend of hostility, confusion and humor came to be thanks to John DiMaggio.

DiMaggio has had no shortage of work since Kim Possible ended. He is one of the most famous talents in the voiceover world, working extensively with Disney and Marvel. He lent his voice to multiple characters in The Adventures of Puss In Boots, Adventure Time, and Samurai Jack.

Most recently, he's done voice work on Ben 10, The Loud House, and American Dad! DiMaggio is set to work with The Simspons' Matt Groening on a new series called Disenchantment, coming in 2018.

8 Gary Cole (Mr. Possible)

With Jean Smart playing Mrs. Possible, Disney Channel needed someone equally respected and fun to play Mr. Possible. So, they brought in Gary Cole, and the Possible power couple was complete.

Appearing in 40 episodes for Kim Possible,  Dr. James Possible was Cole's largest role since Midnight Caller. After his stint on Disney Channel, he had smaller arcs on television appearing in hits like Desperate Housewives, Entourage, and The Good Wife.

Cole didn't give up on voice acting though. He's used his talents as Brock Zero in Penn Zero: Part Time Hero, the narrator in The Tom and Jerry Show and Principal Shepherd in Family Guy.

Most recently, fans have enjoyed him as Kent Davison on Veep. The show is set to wrap after its seventh season on HBO. Outside of acting, Cole and his wife of 25 years split earlier this summer.

7 Shaun Fleming (Jim and Tim Possible)

Through countless missions and crazy characters, no Kim Possible fan can forget the "tweebs." Kim's younger twin brothers, Jim and Tim, were voiced by Shaun Fleming. Of the entire Kim Possible cast, Fleming is the one who most strayed from acting.

After the show, he moved to the stage in 2008, playing Jimmy Livingston in Bubble Boy: The Musical, an adaptation of the 2001 film starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Fleming also had an uncredited role in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. The character was a bit of a callback to Kim Possible, as his name was Wade.

Fleming then turned to focus on music ventures, releasing an EP in 2011 called Thank You. Now, he's a solo act called Diane Coffee and has released three records.

6 Brian George (Duff Killigan)

Kim Possible took on countless villains over the years, but only one who wore a kilt. Duff Killigan was essentially a worst case scenario of Tiger Woods. The Scotsman became "The World's Deadliest Golfer" after being banned from the pros, using exploding golf balls as his weapon of choice, and was voiced by Brian George.

Since his work as Duff Killigan, George has had an extensive career that continues to grow. He's lent his voice talents to Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender, Disney's Phineas and Ferb, and The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, among other shows and video games.

Before ABC Family became Freeform, George appeared throughout Shailene Woodley's series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He also played in ABC's short-lived Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Now, he plays Raj Koothrappali's father in The Big Bang Theory.

5 Kirsten Storms (Bonnie Rockwaller)

Dr. Drakken may have been Kim Possible's true archnemesis, but Bonnie Rockwaller was a close second. As Middleton High's HBIC, Bonnie took no flack, and was played flawlessly by Kirsten Storms. The character was a complete pivot from her beloved role as Zenon.

After Kim Possible, Storms returned to her soap opera roots. She plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital, and continued the role during a brief spinoff series, General Hospital: Night Shift. Unfortunately, Storms had to take an extended break from the show earlier this, revealing she was struggling with severe depression and needed to focus on her mental health, but has returned.

Off-screen, Kirsten Storms married her General Hospital co-star Brandon Barash in 2013. The two divorced in 2016, but have a daughter, Harper Rose Barash, together.

4 Rider Strong (Brick Flagg)

Rider Strong has always had a penchant for playing the "cool guy" character. He is best known as the lovable rebel Shawn Hunter in Boy Meets World. However, he was also the voice behind Middleton High's resident dreamboat quarterback, Brick Flagg.

After Kim Possible ended, Strong went back to school for his Master’s degree in fine arts. Putting his degrees to good use, he stuck with acting, while also exploring new avenues in Hollywood.

Strong directed 16 episodes of Girl Meets World, the spinoff series featuring the children of Cory and Topanga, while reprising his role as Shawn Hunter. He has since moved to DisneyXD, voicing  Tom Lucitor in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Outside of Disney Channel, Strong has directed multiple movies with his brother Shiloh, and they are said to be developing a family comedy for Amazon. Rider also jumped into the podcasting world as a co-host of Literary Disco. In his non-professional life, Strong married Alexandra Barreto in 2013, and they have a son, Indigo.

3 Nancy Cartwright (Rufus)

Rufus the naked mole rat never really spoke on Kim Possible, but he was still an unforgettable character for fans. Although, in real life Rufus was a she – Ron's pet was voiced by Nancy Cartwright, landing her a Daytime Emmy nomination. Over the years, she's become an icon in the voice acting industry.

Cartwright was responsible for the voice of Chuckie Finster on Nickelodeon’s Rugrats. Shortly after Kim Possible's series finale, Cartwright wrapped Rugrats: All Grown Up, where she returned as Chuckie from 2003-2008. She also finished work on Disney Channel's The Replacements, voicing Todd Daring.

Though she later had an entirely new series, called Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures, Nancy Cartwright is probably best known for her work on The Simpsons. She voices Bart and Maggie Simpson, as well as Nelson Muntz and Ralph Wiggum. After Kim Possible, Cartwright continued her work with The Simpsons and is still with the show today.

2 Andrea Martin (Mrs. Stoppable)

Though Ron Stoppable's parents didn't appear in too many episodes, Disney Channel brought in some strong voices to play them. Andrea Martin, best known for her comedy, became the voice of Mrs. Stoppable.

After Kim Possible, Andrea Martin had several single-episode appearances and small arcs in TV shows. Now, at 70 years old, Martin has been busier than ever. In 2013, she won a Tony for her work in Pippin (yes, she was doing trapeze stunts at 66 years old). Outside television, she wrote a book called Lady Parts in 2014.

After reprising her role as Aunt Voula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Martin starred in NBC's Hairspray Live! in 2016. She's currently starring in Hulu's Difficult People. Ironically, as a news junkie herself, Martin is also in Tina Fey's newest series Great News.

1 Elliott Gould (Mr. Stoppable)

If fans remember one thing about Ron Stoppable's father, it's that he was an actuary and he could work from anywhere. Die-hard fans (or simply those who are great at voice recognition) will also remember that Mr. Stoppable was voiced by Elliott Gould.

In the span of Elliott Gould's career, Kim Possible is a relatively small show, especially when compared to Friends. Ironically, his parenting skills in both Friends and Kim Possible were subpar. After his time with Disney Channel, Gould went on to star in several movies, along with notching several small television appearances. In 2014, he starred in the short-lived series Mullaney.

Most recently, Gould had extended arcs in Ray Donovan and Doubt. He is set to start in the new CBS comedy 9JKL later this year.


Do you know where the rest of the cast is? Do you miss Kim Possible? Let us know in the comments!

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