18 Most Despicable Things Kim Possible Has Ever Done

Kim Possible is one of the crown gems from Disney’s line-up of animated television shows. The show started as a humble juxtaposition of a teenager’s growth through high school, with her journey to become a super spy who saves the world so many times that she loses count.

Kim Possible features strong storytelling, entertaining characters, and one of the better female role models to come along in an animated series.

The show would grow and become increasingly ambitious throughout its four seasons and soon the show learned to embrace serialized storytelling and more complex story arcs. It’s a cartoon that’s surprisingly challenging and deeper than it gets credit for.

Another way in which Kim Possible manages to be a memorable, important Disney program is in the ways that it cranks up the drama. This is a series that isn’t afraid to get emotional and there are many occasions where the show puts its characters through torture so they’re able to grow and evolve.

The good guys might always win in the end here, but there are still episodes that will shock the viewers with how far they go. Now’s the time to take off the gloves and dig into those situations.

With that said, here are the 18 Most Despicable Things Kim Possible Has Ever Done.

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18 Kim Leaves Shego And Drakken To Drown

Kim Possible Badass Lightning Stare

Awful actions can be the things that people do, but they can also be the things that characters choose not to do. Kim Possible’s four seasons show Kim grow as both a human being and as a heroine over the course of the show.

One of the main ways in which the series differentiates Kim from her enemies is that she always does the right thing in the end. Even when she has tremendous power at her disposal, the fact that she doesn’t abuse it or use it to hurt others is the cornerstone of her character.

Kim’s strong moral compass still wavers a few times.

On two separate occasions she abandons Shego and Drakken in situations where they will presumably drown to death. The series doesn’t dwell on these harsh decisions, but that doesn’t change the fact that Kim was ready to go to a very dark place here.

17 Ron’s Mystical Monkey Power Can Actually End People's Lives

Ron Stoppable Mystical Monkey Power

The Mystical Monkey idols are some of the most powerful, mysterious artifacts that are featured throughout Kim Possible. Whoever comes into possession of these idols is capable of awakening the Mystical Monkey Power that’s within.

With all of the idols now destroyed, the only people who are in control of these powers are Monkey Fist himself, Rufus, and Ron Stoppable.

Ron can tap into his Mystical Monkey Power and do some incredible things with the strength boost.

The show also makes a point to mention that this strength is fully able to kill people and emphasizes its severity. Granted, Ron doesn't abuse this power and it's only doled out for evil foes, but it's still significant that the show points out that it can be used for murder and puts Ron in that sort of moral quandary.

16 Kim And Shego Are Prepared To Kill Ron And Drakken

Kim Possible Versus Shego Energy Battle

The episode “Emotion Sickness” features the second appearance of Dr. Cyrus Bortel and in this installment he creates mood-altering microchips known as “Moodulators.”

Both Kim and Shego get these moodulators planted on each other, which leaves their actions at the mercy of Ron and Drakken who are able to control the devices.

Kim and Shego spiral through a variety of emotions while they’re at the mercy of the moodulators, but at one point the two of them are also fully ready to murder Ron and Drakken.

It’s a convenient grey area since Kim and Shego are not entirely themselves, but it’s still a dark moment for the episode. On top of that, Drakken also steals a character's wheelchair in this episode, so there's plenty of moral depravity to go around in this one.

15 Warhok And Warmonga’s Plan To Destroy And Mount Kim

Warhok And Warmonga

Warhok and Warmonga come to the Earth from the planet Lorwardia in search of “The Great Blue.” The duo are from a ruthless race of hunters that are known for their conquests and brute strength.

Warhok and Warmonga are desensitized to violence and just view it as a necessary part of life.

These two are especially skilled at their trade and they even make trophies out of their most impressive kills. These are individuals who give each other spinal cords as gifts. They live and breathe brutality.

When Kim Possible gets wrapped up in Warhok and Warmonga’s hunt for “The Great Blue,” they turn to the offensive and knock Kim unconscious.

Thankfully she’s able to escape in time, but Warhok talks about his plans to mount Kim on their wall and make her their greatest trophy yet. It’d be a rather grim fate for the legendary heroine.

14 Nanny Maim’s Brutal Baby Army

Nanny Maim Baby Army

Team Possible has gone up against a number of fierce enemies and disturbing creatures in their efforts to keep the world safe. Sometimes these obstacles are a challenge because of their tremendous strength or some superpower that’s at their disposal, but other times there’s a psychological component that’s in play, too.

Nanny Maim is a villain who tries to take down Kim with an army of evil babies. That might sound silly, and on some level it inherently is, but the show turns it into a creepy visual.

Violent babies are a lot to take in, but these toddlers are also needlessly brutal.

Characters literally beg for their lives and these babies ignore their pleas and only come at them harder. It’s a moment that truly goes over the top, but it feels like it can get away with this violence because these are babies. The horror still hits.

13 Shego Turns The World Into An Awful Dystopia

Shego Future Attitude Adjustment Center

The “Sitch in Time” trilogy in Kim Possible’s second season is one of the series’ most satisfying storylines. Shego, Duff Killigan, Drakken, and Monkey Fist harness the ability of temporal manipulation (time travel) courtesy of the Mystical Monkey Idol, the Tempus Simia.

Shego uses time travel to pull off an incredible coup where she ends up as the ruler of the world and boy does the power go to her head.

Kim Possible basically turns into 1984 and Shego turns the world into a giant prison where free thought is forbidden. The population is kept obedient through oppressive shock collars and those that rebel are sent to “Attitude Adjustment Centers” to get brainwashed into compliance.

Thankfully, Kim and Ron eventually scrub this future from the timeline, but it’s frightening to see just how terrible this glimpse of Shego’s future is.

12 Camille Leon’s Gruesome Shapeshifting Abilities

Camille Leon Shapeshift

Camille Leon is one of the more interesting villains in Kim Possible’s run. She’s not some megalomaniacal tyrant who is interested in world domination, but rather she’s a cat food heiress who just wants to maintain the comfortable lifestyle of which she’s grown accustomed.

Camille is such an effective cat burglar due to her unique shapeshifting abilities, but there’s a rather gruesome story behind her powers.

Camille's abilities are the result of an experimental plastic surgery procedure that was performed by an eccentric rogue surgeon. This "nanomorphing" power that Camille was left with allows her to alter her appearance, color, shape, and even her voice.

The surgery that Camille undergoes seems particularly brutal and every time that Camille "Hulks out" to transform, it looks like she's in some degree of pain.

11 Dr. Drakken’s Piranha Tank

Drakken Shego Kaboom Plan

The episode ”Naked Genius” involves Dr. Drakken’s attempts to take over the world with a doomsday device that he hopes to build with the help of Project Phoebus.

Project Phoebus is a brainwave ray that grants the user super intelligence. Drakken plans to use the device on himself, but Rufus gets in the middle and inadvertently becomes the genius.

In Drakken’s efforts to save face and figure out how he can still get his doomsday device, there are some other vicious tools of manipulation that are revealed.

The doctor has a tank full of piranha that he has at the ready if needed, which seems brutal even for him.

Death by piranha is definitely one of the messier and more painful ways to go out.

10 Gill Moss’ Plan To Disfigure The World

Gill Moss

Gill Moss is a childhood bully from Ron’s past. The two went to Camp Wannaweep together, but after Gill spent so much time swimming in the camp’s contaminated lake, he mutated into a Creature From the Black Lagoon-like monster.

Gill holds a grudge against Ron and resents him for his mutation, but he also appears to have some sense of humor on the issue since he adds the second “l” to his name only after he becomes mutated.

What’s particularly evil about Gill is that his ultimate goal is to mutate the rest of the world so that everyone is a disfigured monster like him.

Even after Gill is cured of his mutation, he becomes “addicted” to his alternate form and he’s still determined to take the rest of the world with him. Gill learns the truth but he refuses to give up.

9 Kim’s House Gets Destroyed

Kim Possible Household

The series finale of Kim Possible revolves around her and Ron’s graduation from high school. The finale does a great job at concluding many storylines, but it’s also careful to go all out and make sure that the status quo gets changed in a number of ways.

In “Graduation, Part 1” the extended Possible family are all together in their home as Kim gets ready for graduation. It’s a sweet scene, but as soon as the family pull out of the driveway, an object from space crashes down and destroys the Possible household.

It’s rather gutting to see Kim’s childhood home go up in flames, but at least everyone is able to get out in time.

The series finale would be considerably different if it were to revolve around Kim avenging her dead family. Maybe they can all crash at the Possible household after grad?

8 Duff Killigan Amputates His Entire Body To Become A Cyborg

Duff Killington

The bleak future that Shego curates for humanity in the “Sitch in Time” saga during season two is full of shocking, dark details. The series details that 2023-2027 marks the height of Shego’s aggressive ruling of the world. She rips basic human rights and freedoms away from the population and an underground Resistance tries to fight for fairness.

This period between 2023-2027 also features a number of technological advancements since it is the future, after all. Duff Killigan embraces these advancements wholeheartedly when he decides to undergo a drastic operation to up his game.

Duff amputates his entire body so he’s able to “better himself” as a cyborg.

That’s a pretty brutal process to go through, especially for Disney. Marvel and DC characters don’t even go that far with their commitment to being a cyborg.

7 Eric’s Death By The Synthodrones

Eric Shocks Kim Possible

In the Kim Possible season three triple-header, “So the Drama”, Drakken tries to take over the world with the help of his Little Diablos. Drakken understandably is concerned that Kim will foil his scheme, like always, so he models a Synthodrone to look like an attractive high schooler who will woo and distract Kim.

Drakken’s plan is a success for the most part and Kim really falls for Eric (Synthodrone 901), so even though he’s a robot, his death still really has impact. Furthermore, the other Synthodrones aren’t programmed to have emotions and be empathetic, whereas Eric is.

The worst part about this is that Eric’s death shows him zombify and wither up in a very graphic fashion. This hits even harder because the other Synthodrone deaths don't features this gruesome detail. It’s something specific for the Synthodrone that loves Kim.

6 Drakken’s Disturbing Clones, DNArmy, And Mutants In General

DNArmy Mutants

There are so many genetic anomalies and mutant aberrations that turn up in Kim Possible that it wouldn’t be surprising if David Cronenberg was a secret producer on the cartoon.

Drakken never stops putting his medical degree to questionable use, but at one point he creates disturbing clones of Kim, Ron, Rufus, and Bonnie, only he merges their DNA with that of vicious animals.

A cobra, elephant, and wild dogs are all spliced with Team Possible’s genetic code and the result is some awful abominations.

Kim Possible continues to explore cloning and mutations for all they’re worth. “The Full Monkey” features an upsetting Kim mutation and DNArmy is a villain that’s entirely dedicated to the topic of mutants.

These beasts look gross, but the majority of them also feature some crippling mental aspect where helpless victims are turned into monsters against their will.

5 Señor Senior, Senior’s Plan To Freeze Kim And Ron To Death

Senor Senior Sr Plotting

Señor Senior, Seniorr is not a villain that’s on the same scale as Shego or Drakken, but that probably has to do with the fact that he approaches villainy as more of a hobby than anything serious.

Señor Senior, Senior prides himself in his traditional examples of villainy and his attempts to fit the model of a classical bad guy.

Tradition aside, his villainy still hits some dark notes.

One of Señor Senior, Seniorr’s plans sees him set on ending Kim and Ron's lives by freezing them to death. If this brutal revenge plan wasn’t enough, he’s also extremely petty in the sense that he also wants to destroy everyone at the club that he’s been banned from, just because they’ve been witnesses to his embarrassment.

The whole thing feels like some vindictive, bonkers Mr. Freeze scheme.

4 Drakken Tries To Rid The Earth Of All Of Its Oxygen

Drakken Foiled Scheme

Kim Possible injects some welcome realism into its show by how it actually sends Dr. Drakken to prison for a stretch of episodes due to his many crimes. Warmonga eventually breaks Drakken out of jail and his first order of business is one of his most vicious schemes to date.

A lot of Drakken’s inventions are devices that complicate things for Kim Possible in some way, but his scheme here is needlessly over the top. Drakken plans to rid the Earth’s atmosphere of its oxygen and kill all of its life forms in the process.

Many of Drakken’s schemes have put people’s lives in jeopardy, but this is a particularly brutal way to kill everyone. All of this is meant to be a bold claim so people will give into Drakken’s demands, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a devastating idea.

3 Drakken’s Scheme To Murder Kim From Blushing

Kim Possible Blush Dot

Dr. Drakken definitely deserves points for creativity. One of the doctor’s more inventive plans to take Kim Possible out of the picture involves making her blush herself to death.

In the season two installment “Blush”, Drakken successfully sprays Kim with a deadly toxin that immediately invades her system.

The way in which this particular toxin works is that whenever Kim blushes, she disappears and runs the risk of disappearing forever.

The whole idea might seem rather silly, but the consequences are absolutely dire and there’s a real gravity to the situation in this episode. Plus, it’s just utterly diabolical to try and take down a teenage girl with something like blushing and shyness.

Kim may make it out of the situation alive, but she probably still flinches and panics a little every time that she turns red.

2 Bonnie Kisses Ron

Bonnie Kisses Ron Stoppable

A lot of the horrible, disturbing things that happen in Kim Possible have to do with the villains and the safety of the planet. That being said, Kim Possible is still the story of a teenage girl and sometimes the harshest blows can be from personal woes and high school struggles rather than world domination.

“Homecoming Upset” makes Ron Homecoming King, but Bonnie is the one that becomes Homecoming Queen instead of Kim. Bonnie uses the opportunity to try and turn Ron into her boyfriend and she even kisses him before the episode is over.

It’s just awful to watch Kim get put through the wringer here. 

It’s the most upset that she gets in the entire series, but at least she and Ron are able to redeem this with a satisfying prom.

1 Drakken Locks Kim In A Steel Box And Throws It Into A Pit Full Of Sharks

Dr Drakken Smug

Drakken is certainly the most dedicated villain that Kim Possible goes up against. His many plans cover the whole spectrum of villainy and range from gratuitous to subliminal in a way that always keeps Team Possible on their toes.

He seems to take his many defeats in stride, but one of his attempts on Kim’s life is so over the top and aggressive that it looks like the heroine might have finally touched a nerve.

In one particular instance, Drakken locks Kim in a steel box, welds it shut, and then throws it into a pit full of sharks and man-eating squids. This is already overkill, but then on top of that Drakken also freezes the water that’s on the top of this pit for the final unnecessary touch. The doctor needs to learn that sometimes less really can be more.


Can you think of any other despicable things that Kim Possible has done? Now’s your time to tell us the sitch and sound off in the comments!

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